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Eyesential - Non Surgical Eye Lift
- Eyesential is a non surgical eye lift that smoothes away lines and bags in the eye area. Used by celebrities, results are visible in minutes and last eight to ten hours. Each pack contains sufficient for 120 applications.

eyesentialAnti-Wrinkle Creams and Treatments - A Buyer's Guide

Anti-wrinkle creams work in one of following ways. They may:

  • Relax the facial muscles to prevent and lessen wrinkles, in a similar way to Botox (eg. Avotone).
  • Offer a temporary but fairly dramatic lifting effect (eg Eyesential and The Lift Facial Mask).
  • Contain a high sun protection factor to prevent further aging of the skin by Ultra Violet light (but do they do not reverse sun damage.)
  • Contain Retinol, Retin A or other substances said to reduce wrinkle depth and fine lines around the eyes.
  • A variety of other unproven treatments claiming to reduce wrinkle depth and plump out fine lines.

What do Eyesential and The Lift Petite Facial Mask do?

Both of these products offer a temporary but dramatic lifting effect, and are great if you want to look good for a special occasion.

The LiftEyesential was developed originally by a makeup artist in Hollywood as a"trick of the trade". The manufacturers claim that it works for 8 hours or more, but when I tested it the effects were starting to wear off after about 6 hours.

Eyesential contains ingredients that form an invisible web on the skin's surface. The skin feels tight whilst Eyesential is drying, but the tight feeling wears off quickly, and oil based makeup can be applied once Eyesential has dried.

The Lift Petite Facial Mask works in a similar way to Eyesential above, although the results last longer.

Both are great non surgical ways of enhancing your appearance for a special night out.

What does Avotone do?

Wrinkles are caused by exposure to UV light (either from the sun or from sun lamps), the aging process and by the repeated contracting of the muscles in the face. Avotone works on this latter cause of wrinkles, by relaxing the muscles of the face in a similar way to Botox injections. It does not immobilise or paralyse them, it merely relaxes them. The relaxation of the muscles enables the skin to flatten, thus reducing the apparent depth of the wrinkle.

The active ingredient in Avotone is a substance called "Acetyl Hexapeptide-3", alternatively known as Argireline, which has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth, especially in the eye and forehead area.

Avotone also contains collagen and avocado oil to make an smooth and easy to apply moisturiser.

Avotone can be used anywhere on the face, although common areas include frown lines, crow's feet or laughter lines at the corners of the eyes and forehead lines.

The results of the application of Avotone may be seen in a few hours as the muscles begin to relax, but it can take up to 25 days to see the effects. If you stop using Avotone, the process will be reversed.


The Lift 'Home Maintenance'
£69.90 (10 treatments)

- The Lift non-surgical face lift is a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery. Each treatment will last around 6 days, but the effects or additive so regular use will maintain the lifting effect.
Thalgo Wrinkle Control Smoothing Cream
- This marvellous cream contains Moist24, a plant extract with amazing moisturising properties. It acts to repair the skin and plump out lines and wrinkles.

Dr Pierre Ricaud (UK)
- Facial treatments and cosmetics from Laboratoires Dr. Pierre Ricaud, the specialist French brand.
UK and European citizens can order from the link above, US citizens can order from Ricaud US.