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Bar Stools - choice, information and a UK buyer's guide.

- A comprehensive range of bar stools in different styles and materials, featuring gas lift adjustable height, chrome swivel and other styles. Some have matching tables if required. Many are suitable for either commercial or domestic use.

Choosing kitchen bar stools

A kitchen bar stool is a surprisingly well used item in the homes of today, as there is currently a tendency towards dining kitchens, which save having food taken to other areas of the house except for "special occasions". We often sit in the kitchen not only to eat, but also to chat to our friends who have dropped in, and even watch TV from time to time. Therefore, the choice of a bar stool can be quite an important one.

There are currently many different styles and materials to choose from. The basic materials are wood, aluminium and chromed steel. Usually the base is made of some kind of metal or wood, and the seat can either be wood, metal, plastic or upholstered (with foam padding). The plastic seats are often molded in some way to be more comfortable and follow a natural shape.

The various styles include:

  • With or without a back
  • With or without arms
  • With or without a swivel function
  • With or without height adjustment

bar stools - gas liftGenerally it is a good idea to go for a robust bar stool as it is likely to get a lot of use. I would also choose one that is easy to clean as it may get food spilled on it from time to time, especially if you have children. As a rule of thumb, there should be approximately a 30 cm (1 foot) gap between the top of the bar stool seat and the table or counter where you will be using it.

If you are wanting to use your stools at tables of differing heights it might be a good idea to choose one with an adjustable height mechanism. Some of the modern ranges offer adjustable height via a gas lift device - see the adjacent photo.

As bar stools are portable, take up little space and are easily stored it is often worth buying a few more than you actually need to seat your family as spares for when unexpected guests arrive. This will ensure that all the furniture in your kitchen matches and you don't have to go searching for extras at a later date.

- A reasonable range including bar stools made from steel and wood, adjustable, chrome swivel and gas lift adjustable height with matching tables.

- A range that includes Jack Daniels themed furniture, Monaco aluminium stacking chairs, stainless steel and swivellers.

British Home Stores (BHS)
- Contemporary bar stools at competitive prices from this High Street store.

Stools Online
- Comprehensive selection including adjustable, chrome, swivel, padded, folding, wooden, beech, leather and retro. Free UK delivery.
- Specialists in Italian pedestal designs together with tables to complement your kitchen.