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Blank Lesson Plans - Teaching Exercise to Music

Click on the file names below to download the blank lesson plans in word format

First Page

Continuation Sheet

Last Page

The above blanks together with the stick men stretches to the right and the stick men muscular strength and endurance exercises below will allow you to complete your lesson plan in electronic format, which will make any alterations much quicker, and also mean that you can email your completed plan to course tutor if required (eg. if you forget to hand it in on time!)

My completed lesson plans are here and can be downloaded in a zip file. They include the warm up, aerobic curve, muscular strength and endurance (MS&E) and cool down and stretch sections.

Only use these lesson plans for guidance as to the correct format for your lesson plans - the teaching points / exercises given may be not be what your course tutor wants, as ideas and teaching practice evolves over time. In other words, make sure that you do what your course tutor wants and not what my lesson plans say.

Stick Men Stretches

adductorsdeltoidserector spinaegastrocnemius

glutealshamstringhip flexors latissimus dorsipectoralisquadricepssoleustrapeziustriceps

Simply right click on the image, then left click on "save". The images can then be cut and pasted into your lesson plan for the stretch section. Each image is named according to the stretch is it depicting.

Muscular Strength and Endurance Stick Men Exercises


Easier Version

Harder Version

Alternative Exercise


Abductor - Lateral leg raises

Perform exercise at half speed to increase the intensity


Adductor - inner thigh leg lift

Leave heel on floor and lift knee only

Trapezius / Pectoralis / Triceps

Recovery push up


Push up (not recovery) or half speed to increase intensity

Chest +


Rectus Abdominus

Rectus Abdominus - abdominal curls

rectus abdominus

Erector Spinae

erector spinae
Erector Spinae - back extension

Hamstring Curl

Hamstring - hamstring curl

Perform exercise at half speed


Obliques - abdominal rotation