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Bouncy Castles @ Amazon

- Amazon have an extensive range of bouncy castles including the Batman bouncy castle pictured above. Other themes include Barbie, Space, Trains and many more. Prices to suit all budgets ranging from £29.99 to £295.00. Free UK delivery.

Bouncy Castle Safety
Children love bouncy castles. They should provide them with a lot of fun, but approximately 300 children in the UK each year are treated in casualty for injuries sustained when bouncy castles have not been installed properly, or the children have not been adequately supervised.
The majority of injuries are caused when children bouncing off the bouncy castle onto the ground, or fall awkwardly, or collide with other children. Responsible adult supervision would minimise the risk of these accidents.
Installation Tips

  • Ensure that the castle is properly anchored to the ground.
  • Do not use in windy or rainy weather. Castles can flip over in high winds and wet surfaces become very slippery.
  • Soft padding / matting should cover any hard surfaces at the front or on open sides.

Tips on Supervision

  • Is there supervision by a responsible adult, ensuring that children who behave dangerously are removed?
  • Are the children removing shoes, sharp objects such as rings, watches and belt buckles, and anything else loose that could cause injury?
  • Are the children divided into age groups? Big children can injure small children badly if they land on them.
  • Children should be forbidden from climbing and danging off the walls, or playing on the entry step.
  • Are the numbers allowed on at one time limited?

Tips on Hiring

  • If you are hiring for a public event, ensure that you take out public liability insurance as you will be liable in the case of a claim being made.
  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have produced an Entertainment Information Sheet on the "Safe Use and Operation of Play Inflatables" and you can find this document in PDF format at the HSE website. You should ensure that any company that you hire fully complies this guidance.
  • Ensure that the company employs experienced and trained personnel, if the company are responsible for operation and supervision.
  • Ensure that the company provides evidence of public liability insurance.
  • If you are responsible for operation and supervision, ensure that you receive written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and supervision of the equipment, and that the manufacturer's details are clearly marked.

Bounce 'n' Go
-Bouncy castle hire based in Ashton-In-Makerfield, Wigan. Delivery to the surrounding area is free.