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UK Building Regulations

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Buy the complete set of 2008 fully updated UK Building Regulations on CD-Rom directly from LogicWorks Publications.

A Guide to Obtaining UK Building Regs

Anyone interested in building a home, or extending an existing dwelling, will need full knowledge of the current building regulations and how to comply with them.

Examples of some building regulations that you may not know exist include:

  • Did you know that if you convert your loft, making a third floor in a house, all the other doors in the house to habitable rooms (ie, not bathrooms or toilets) must have automatic door closers fitted on them as a fire precaution?
    Did you know that the staircase to the loft room must be fully enclosed?
  • Did you know that all bathrooms, toilets and kitchens must be fitted with an extractor fan?
  • Did you know that where there is a door from a garage into a house, the door must be a fire door?

In the past, it has been necessary to buy the printed document for each regulation separately, from HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationery Office). The cost of the full set of building regulations documents could therefore run to hundreds of pounds.

Now, it is possible to obtain the full set in electronic format, usually in adobe acrobat format on a menu driven cd-rom.

Scottish and Irish regs are also available. These are ideal for DIY, students or anyone involved in the construction industry, such as chartered surveyors and building inspectors. The contents of the discs usually include the following documents:

  • Approved document A - Structure (1992 edition)
  • Approved document B - Fire safety (2000 edition)
  • Approved document B - Fire safety 2002 amendments
  • Approved document C - Site preparation and resistance to moisture(1992 edition)
  • Approved document D - Toxic substances (1992 edition)
  • Approved document E - Resistance to the passage of sound (2003 edition)
  • Approved document E - Resistance to the passage of sound (1992 edition)
  • Approved document F - Ventilation (1995 edition)
  • Approved document G - Hygiene (1992 edition)
  • Approved document H - Drainage and waste disposal (2002 edition)
  • Approved document J - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems (2002 edition)
  • Approved document K - Protection from falling, collision and impact(1998 edition)
  • Approved document L1 - Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings (2002 edition)
  • Approved document L2 - Conservation of fuel & power in buildings other than dwellings (2002 edition)
  • Approved document M - Access and facilities for disabled people (1999 edition)
  • Approved document N - Glazing (1998 edition)
  • Regulation 7 Materials and workmanship (1999 edition, amended 2000)

Also usually included are: Explanatory booklet, Planning Permission, Electrical Safety in Dwellings, Preparing for Floods, Party Wall Act.
Some discs also provide details of the Scottish and Irish rules. 

Understanding the Building Regulations

This book is a useful "pocket book guide" for professionals involved in the construction industry, including control officers and surveyors. It is also of use to students studying for degrees or National Voacational Qualifications (NVQs)

Dictionary of Building

This book is a comprehensive dictionary of building terms explaining terminolgy on the way. Typical entries including foundations, damp proof courses, plumbing and roofing, together with descriptions of materials used and tools. There are also descriptive illustrations. This book will be of use to both professionals and DIYers.