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MOT test - information for UK motorists.

Once a car has been registered for three years, it needs to have a new MOT certificate every year thereafter.

The MOT certificate is valid until 2013 from the issue date, unless it is issued whilst the previous MOT certificate is still valid. In these circumstances, the MOT certificate can be extended by up to one month and will be dated one year after the expiry of the current certificate, up to a maximum of 13 months from the test date.

The only time that you are exempt from requiring an MOT certificate is if you are taking or collecting your car to / from an MOT appointment.

The current test fee for a car is £53.10.

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The maximum fee that you can be charged if you require a duplicate certificate is £10.

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The maximum penalty for using car without a valid MOT certificate is £1000. There is also a maximum penalty of £2500 for failing to produce an MOT certificate if asked to do so by a policeman. However, neither of these offences add points to your driving licence.

What can my car fail its MOT on?

Your car can fail its MOT on a wide number of items. Here is a brief list, which is not completely inclusive but will give you a good idea:

  • The horn must work.

  • All the lights must work and be of the correct colour and type. Headlights should have the correct dip and aim.

  • The bonnet catch should be safe and secure.

  • The registration plates must be legible, secure and have correctly formed letters and spacing.

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be displayed, consistent and legible.

  • The steering and all its components should be secure, safe and free from wear. This includes the wheel, shaft, joints and steering rack.

  • The doors should be openable from inside and outside and should be lockable.

  • The bodywork should be safe, secure and free from sharp edges and projections. It can fail on excessive corrosion if it could affect the safety of the vehicle.

  • The seats should be secure and securable in the upright position. The seat belts should be secure and in good working order.

  • All the brakes, brake pipes and components should function correctly, including checking that the front brake pedal rubber is not excessively worn.

  • The windscreen should be free of cracks greater than 10mm in diameter in the area in front of the driver. Up to 40mm is acceptable (but not adviseable) in some areas of the windscreen. Washers and wipers should function and be in good condition.

  • Mirrors should be secure and undamaged.

  • The suspension system should function adequately and the condition of its components will be checked.

  • The exhaust should be free from leaks and not be excessively smoky or noisy. Emissions should fall within the prescribed range.

  • The fuel system should be intact and free from leaks.

  • Tyres must have a tread of at least 1.6mm and be free from bulges or other damage. In addition, they should be correctly matched with regard to type and size. The wheels should also be in good condition.


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