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Cast Iron Chiminea, 50cm dia x 117cm high - £99.99 (free delivery)
- Cast Iron Chiminea and Grill. This chiminea also has a removeable chrome plated grill so you can also use this chiminea as a barbecue. 0.5 m diameter. Height 1.17 m. 44.5kg Note: This chiminea can be kept outside all year round. You can use firelighters and wood, for the fire.

Chiminea - Information and a buyer's guide

"Chiminea" comes from the Spanish word "chiminea", meaning chimney. Chimineas were used by Mexican tribesmen as a way of heating and cooking. Traditionally they were made from clay, but they are now available in more durable materials including cast iron, copper and aluminium. Cast iron is the most popular material in the UK as it is a lot stronger than clay, but less expensive than aluminium.

A chiminea has a bulbous shaped base attached to a vertical chimney and is used as an oven / barbecue or a fireplace. Chiminea are free standing and front loading. Derivatives of the chiminea now include some rather splendid fire globes and firepits, which provide decoration in addition to heat on a chilly evening.

Medium Cast Iron Open Bowl Chiminea - £149.99
- Cast Iron bronze coloured chimenea with a BBQ grill which can swivel in and out for ease of use. Free delivery.
safety firepitSafety Firepit - £59.95 (free delivery)
- Comes with a spark guard, a safety ring and a detachable hinged grill. There is a ventilation slot that allows the ash and fat to fall into the tray at the bottom.

The disadvantages of a firepit compared to a chiminea, are that firepits do not burn as efficiently as chimenea - a chimenea has a drawing action - as the heat rises up the chimney, fresh air is drawn into the fire to fan the flames and give the fire more oxygen. Smoke also tends to linger in the air more with a firepit than with a chimenea.

Cast iron compared with aluminium

Cast iron is heavier than aluminium, which will make it a more secure choice for your garden - ie a burglar will struggle to steal it from your garden as it will be too heavy. However, cast iron will rust, whereas aluminium does not. Aluminium is also lighter and very low maintenance, but it is more expensive. You can paint a cast iron chimenea with a high temperature stove paint to prevent rusting.

What can I burn in it?

Most types of wood are suitable. If you are using wood from your garden, you should let it dry out fully otherwise it will be difficult to light and produce a lot of smoke, which may upset your neighbours.


It is wise to pay attention to safety when using chimenea and other fireplaces outdoors, by following a few simple rules:

  • You should have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water available, just in case.
  • Never leave the chimenea or fire pit unattended.
  • Don't let children or pets play near the fire.
  • Never use them indoors.
  • Base your chimenea on a smooth, firm and solid surface.
  • Keep it away from anything that could catch fire, including overhanging tree branches, pergolas, your house...
  • Don't touch the outside surface when in use (you'll get a nasty burn.)


firebasketMoroccan Fire Basket - £39.99 (free delivery)
- Moroccan steel fire basket in which you can burn logs or coal. Great for keeping you warm during those cooler summer evenings.
Square Fire Basket with Grill - £39.00
- Made of iron with a chrome grill, it cleverly combines the functions of a fire basket and a barbecue.

olympic torchOlympic Torch - £39.95 (free delivery)
- Looks great at night. It is about 5' tall and produces a beautiful flame. It is powered via an ordinary blow torch cannister which can be obtained from DIY stores.