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Cufflinks - gold, silver and novelty.

Cufflinks @ Goldsmiths
- Cufflinks in silver or, 9ct gold, set with enamel, Mother of Pearl, stones, or engraved and / or polished. Brands sold include Emporio Armani, Ted Baker, Dupont, Autocross and Guess.

Cufflinks - information and advice

Cufflinks are decorative items of jewellery traditionally worn by men for fastening shirt cuffs that do not button. Cuffs that need fastening with cufflinks are typically found on smart dress and formal shirts.

Cufflinks consist of two ends, one or both of which may be decorative (more usually one end is decorative and the other end is a fastener), attached by a post or chain. The post or chain is threaded through the holes in the cuff to attach them together.

Simply Cufflinks
- One of the widest ranges of silver, novelty, fashion and wedding cufflinks anywhere on the web, including ranges by Ian Flaherty, Sara Preisler, Lisa Castle, Denison Boston and Connel & Hart.
- Exclusive Italian designs in silver and gold, in both contemporary and traditional styles. Some are set with crystals, gemstones or pearls. Prices are from £25 to £1000 - you choose.

silk knotsAn alternative fastening to cufflinks is to have silk knot fastenings (see picture to the left). Silk knot fastenings tend to be cheaper than traditional cuff links but do the job just as well.

9ct gold oval cufflinksThe 9ct gold oval cufflinks to the right are a classic understated design that will go with virtually all looks. Available from Goldsmiths online, they retail at £195, so would make quite an extravagant gift.

ted baker cufflinksIf you have a more limited budget you could consider these Ted Baker cufflinks which have a very unusual and interesting design - they retail at £55.

diamond cufflinks set in 18ct goldHowever, if you want to really splash out, why not consider these beautiful diamond cufflinks set in 18ct gold, also from Goldsmiths. They cost £1350, but 12 months 0% interest free credit is currently available on them.

KJ Beckett
- A selection in enamel and silver by Fiona Rae, incorporating complementary colours and designs such as blue butterflies and lime and red hearts.
- A great range of novelty designs by themes eg music (treble clef), leisure (tv), diy (saw and hammer) and many more.
Cufflink US
- The ranges include executive classics, cut-glass, crystal, enamel and novelty / sport. Specific designs include dice, darts, dumbells, footballs, globes and roulette wheels.

Cufflink Designs

Cufflinks are now made in a wide variety of designs to satisfy all tastes. There are the standard monogrammed and intial designs, crafted in gold or silver, which appeal to traditionalists. However, there also exist a wide range of contemporary and novelty designs in enamel and / or silver, featuring everything from dart boards, "@" signs (for web boffins - perhaps I should get some, except I'm a lady), spirit levels (for engineers) and many more fun designs.

Cufflink History

Cufflinks are a relatively recent innovation, appearing during the seventeenth century and becoming increasingly popular with gentlemen towards the end of the nineteenth century, as an individual way of marking their own style. Formal and day wear of the era gave little scope for individualism.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the larger jewellery companies such as Tiffany became involved in their manufacture. In 1924, the standard cufflink fastening of a pivoting anchor between two posts was invented by The Boyer Company.

This fastening is still the main type of fastener in use today.

Cufflinks UK
- A collection in silver, including some novelty designs and some designs set with crystals, mother of pearl, enamel, resin, onyx or fibre optics. Postage is free on all orders over £50.