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Drills, including Cordless, Corded, Hammer, Percussion, Angled and bits, from UK sites with a Buyers Guide.

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- An extensive range of cordless and mains electric drills (both rotary drills and hammer drills) by Makita, Bosch and Panasonic.

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There are many different types of electric drill on the market today, with a variety of different functions and controls. These include:

  • Drills that are corded (plug into the mains supply) or cordless (powered by a rechargeable battery).
  • Angled drills (for difficult to reach places)
  • Hammer or percussion action (needed for masonry or brick)
  • Depth stop
  • Single Speed / Variable speed
  • Reversing action
  • Keyed or keyless chucks

Corded and Cordless Drills

The advantage of cordless drills is that they can be used independently of a mains electricity supply, which means that they can be used anywhere. However, they can be less powerful than the corded models, although cordless technology is imporving, with "smarter" chargers and higher capacity batteries appearing every year. Having said that, if you are using a cordless drill it is best to have a spare battery pack, so that one can be charging whilst the other is in use.

The electric drill's power is measured in Watts, and is generally in the region of 400 to 1000 W. Generally, the wattage of the drill is an indication of its quality, as a higher power drill will need to have a better build quality than a lower power option.

Cordless drills are normally rated according to their voltage, which is generally in the region of 9.6 - 24 volts. The higher the voltage, the better the drill, although the disadvantage is that a higher power drill will be heavier. Look out for cordless drills that are sold complete with two battery packs and a fast, smart (eg 1 hour) charger. (A "smart" charger will have special circuitry to ensure the battery isn't damaged during a fast charge).

Note about Batteries

Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries are the best that are currently available. They're small but have a longer run time than nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries.

Angled Drills

Angled drills have a head that rotates for drilling in difficult to reach places.

Variable Speed

The main advantage of variable speed, is that it allows you to start holes slowly and easily in masonry, tiles and metal, especially on a curved or uneven surface. This reduces the risk or either damaging the bit or damaging the surface to be drilled.

Many drills offer a reverse action feature, which is great for removing screws, nuts and other fixings. The chuck is locked in place, so will not fly off when using reverse action.

The cheapest models offer a single fixed speed, but the majority have two different fixed speeds (eg 300 rpm and 800 rpm). The speed is selected via a switch or a trigger. For the more expensive variable speed models, they have a trigger to control the speed and possibly a switch also to define the range of the speed.

Hammer Action

Hammer or percussion action will pushes the drill bit in and out of masonry at high speed. You have to press down on the bit in order to get through the material. Hammer action is selected via a switch. Special bits for use with the Hammer Action function should always be used, as they have been designed for this purpose.


Traditional chucks use keys to open them to fit the bits, but many more modern drills have keyless chucks, which means you no longer have to search for a lost key. Chuck sizes are usually 10 or 13 mm. Higher power drills usually have a larger chuck size.

Depth Stop

A depth stop prevents you from drilling too deeply into the material, and there are occasions when this is a useful feature.

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