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- Choose from thousands of movies - virtually everything on current release in the UK. Postage is free and there are no late fees. Unlimited rentals are from £3.91 a month, with a free 14 day trial.
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DVD Rental Services

DVD rental services are a great idea. for film buffs and anyone seeking regular, great value entertainment. For all the services listed on this page, there are no commitments ever. All you do is rent the DVDs of your choice for a fixed monthly fee. There are no late charges, and reply paid envelopes for returning the movies are included in the membership plan. Many of the services offer a free trial period, with Blockbuster currently offering a month entirely free!

DVD rental services have the following advantages:

  • Convenience - you can pick and choose movies in front of your computer without having to leave the house - except to post the movies back.
  • Cheap - it is much cheaper to pay a monthly fee than to buy the movies when they come out. It is also in many cases a lot cheaper than subscribing to cable or satellite movie services.

You should look for the following features in online dvd rental services:

  • Free return postage for movies and films
  • No late fees ever
  • No committment to a minimum length of membership
  • The DVDs should arrive within one to two days - after all, you want to watch as many films as possible to get the best value.
  • You should be able to subscribe to a service that fits in with your viewing requirements. Generally, the differences between the services are the number of DVDs that you can rent at any one time, or there may be a fixed number per month dependent upon the service being offered. If you are a weekend film viewer who likes to watch a number of movies on a Saturday night, it may be worth renting more than one DVD at once, returning and reordering during the week.
- The High Street online movie rental store, Blockbuster, has now taken its presence online, and is offering unlimited DVD rentals from £9.99 / month, together with a one month free trial period. You get to rent two DVDs at once.
Cinema Paradiso
- Many thousands of dvd titles to choose from. The monthly membership fees cover all postal costs, and there are no late fees. You can get unlimited rentals from between £4.89 (1 DVD at a time, 2 per month) up to £14.99 / month (unlimited rentals per month, up to 3 DVDs at a time).
LG BD650 2D Blu-ray Player
LG BD650 2D Blu-ray Player £59.99 - Free UK delivery

With this player you can watch full HD 1080P on Blu-ray Disc, and watch DVDs in near HD with DVD upscaling. You can also access YouTube and BBC iPlayer (via firmware update now available). Online content is accessed wirelessly via a Sony USB dongle. You can also connect your memory stick via USB to view photos and videos.
Copy movies with ICopyDVDs2
- DVD copying software designed to be easy to use. It enables you to make back up copies of dvds in about an hour.
DVD To Home
- Latest releases, 62,000+ UK movies available to rent, unlimited movies, free UK home delivery, no late fees and no minimum subscription - cancel whenever you like. From £9.99 / month.