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Engineering Tools and Supplies - a consumer guide

- Engineering supplies including tools, suitable for a variety of engineering tasks, eg Carbon Steel Tap & Die Set, Centre Punch Set, Cutting Tapping & Drilling Fluid, Grinding Wheel Dresser, Vernier Calliper, Engineers Square and many more items.
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Engineering Supplies - what are they?

"Engineering supplies" is a term used by many companies within the engineering industry to describe fasteners, fixings, blades and general engineering consumables.

Instead of going to your local DIY shop, you could consider shopping at one of the online suppliers of these fixings. In general they have a much larger range than can be stocked in a "bricks and mortar" supplier, and at keener prices.

They supply every type of screw, nut and bolt, blades eg cutting disks for saws, sharp blades for Stanley knives, jigsaw blades and absolutely anything to do with cutting. They also supply consumables for power tools including drill bits, sanding disks, filters, screwdriver bits and batteries, together with plumbing and electrical components.

They also stock safety equipment appropriate to whatever task you are undertaking. It is certainly adviseable to wear safety goggles or glasses when you are working with power tools, as bits can fly off at random and it is important to ensure that eyes are adequately protected.