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Evisu - The brand, its products and a UK buyer's guide

Evisu UK
Evisu clothing direct from the company itself, so authenticity is assured. The site sells all of the Evisu range including Heritage, Men's Mainline, Evisu Donna, Evisu European edition, Kizzu and Shoos. Clothing sold includes jeans, t-shirts. tops and sweatshirts for men, women and children.

Evisu - The Company

The Evisu company started life in 1988 in Japan, by Hidehiko Yamane. Yamane had an extensive collection of his own jeans from the 1950's, and was something of a "vintage jeans connoisseur". He thought that is would be a good idea to try and make new jeans using the old methods, to recreate the vintage feel of the jeans in his collection. His company now manufactures jeans using old fashioned looms and traditional labour intensive methods, which makes them expensive.

The jeans feature 23 details that make them unique, the most noted being the gull design which appears on the rear pockets of the jeans. On certain styles, it is handpainted, as it was when Yamane started the company. On other designs, it is embroidered. The only denim used is Japanese indigo denim.

The Evisu company takes its name from the buddhist god of money, Ebisu. Yamane obviously has a sense of humour, or fulfilled his own prophecy, as Evisu has twenty-five retail outlets in Japan, and the brand is sold in over four hundred of the top stores in the world. The brand is the ultimate in casual "haute couture" and is patronised by celebrities including David and Victoria Beckham. These jeans are affectionately nickname "The Rolls Royce of Jeans" by their fans.


Denim weaved using vintage looms has quite a loose weave, which means that it will shrink by between 0.5 to 1 inch around the waist when washed, depending upon whether you buy the pre-washed or unwashed jeans.


As with any designer brand, the exclusive designs have been copied, often in the Far East, and have entered the European markets. If you buy online from a reputable site or directly from Evisu, there should be no problems. However, there are probably a large number of fakes on eBay, so bear this in mind before placing your bids.

A trader from Bury, Lancashire was prosecuted in April 2005 for selling fake Evisu clothing from his High Street shop - so be careful what you buy whether on or offline.

- Between 20% to 50% discount on a range of men's Evisu sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, jeans and t-shirts.