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- Fancy dress for men, women and children together with accessories including wigs, teeth and makeup. Themed outfits include retro, Elvis, maid, nun, nurse, muskateer, dalmatian and princess dress.

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Adults and Children

Recent research has indicated that nearly three quarters of all parents feel stressed and lacking in ideas when they need to make fancy dress costumes for their children to wear at school, for plays and themed days. Hopefully, this guide will give you a few ideas in order that you will be less stressed in the future!

Bertie Bassett (from Liquorice Allsorts)

A bertie costume is fun and relatively easy to make, yet very effective. Bertie Bassett is a collection of bright and primary colours. You could team a stripey top (it doesn't have to be black and white as in the picture, it could be black and pink, blue and black, pink and white etc), together with a pair of shorts or a skirt in a bright primary glove and a contrasting pair of gloves, again in a primary colour.

The nose is a clown's nose painted black, although you could achieve the correct effect with makeup (how about some bright red cheeks and blue eye shadow?)

The hat and shoes are made from thick pieces of foam that have been painted, and carefully measured holes cut in them for a perfect fit. The legs are just ordinary white tights with black bands painted around them, teamed with black boots which slide into the foam feet.

118 118

An even easier costume is the 118 118, taken from the TV adverts for a company providing directory enquiry services in the UK. Ideally, this costume is suited to two boys or two men going to a party together.

All you have to do is team a running vest with the number 118 attached to it with a pair of running shorts. A large false moustache is an essential part of the look, and preferably a mop of dishevelled hair, either natural or a wig.

Dennis the Menace

A perennial favourite inspired by the infamous Beano comics and now a cartoon series, Dennis the Menace can again inspire an easy costume for an adult or a child.

Simply team a red and black stripey jumper together with a pair of black shorts, red football socks and black trainers. Preferably the look should be completed with a Dennis the Menace Wig.

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StarGirl Fancy Dress Costumes
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Taylors Shop
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