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Flowers and their meanings

Most people associate Red Roses with romantic love, but did you know that all flowers have special meanings of their own? Now you can use this handy, light hearted guide to get across a secret message to the lucky recipient of the flower bouquet that you are about to bestow upon them.

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Anemone: A charm against pestilence.
Amaryllis: Associated with passion, enthusiasm and adventur.
Aster: Signifies love and integrity.
Azalea: Look after yourself.
Balloon Flower: Endless love and honesty.
Bells of Ireland: Luck of the Irish.
Bird of Paradise: Pride and vanity.
Cactus: Resilience.
Calendula: Considered sacred.
Camellia: Pride, congratulations on an achievement.
Carnation (general): Fascination. Love. Distinction.
Carnation (red): True love.
Carnation (pink): Represents a mother's love.
Carnation (white): Innocence and purity.
Cat Tail: Trouble in the meadow (it's poisonous to horses).
Chrysanthemum: Associated with funerals. It symbolises optimism.
Daffodil: You're still my one and only.
Daisy: Innocence.
Delphinium: Unrequited love.
Fern: Wealth and prosperity.
Freesia: Liberty and justice.
Forbidden love.
Geranium: Good health.
Gladiolus: Of strong character.
Heather: Thought to bring luck.
Hellebore: Repells demons.
Hyacinth: You're still on my mind.
Hydrangea: Loyalty during change.
Iris: From the greek for rainbow.
Ivy: Friendship and fidelity in marriage.
Jacob's Ladder: You are handsome.
Lily : Pure, virginal.
Lily of the Valley: You make the world a better place.
Lotus: Reaching one's potential.
Magnolia: Nobility.
Mistletoe: Kiss me underneath it.
Morning Glory: Associated with virility.
Orchid: Universal love, beauty, thoughtfulness, wisdom, refinement and innocence.
Peony: Fertility.
Petunia: I am touched by your presence.
Poppy: Sleep, remembrance.
Primrose: You're my first, my one and only.
Rose: Love.
Rose (red): Intense romantic love.
Snapdragon: Protection from curses and deceit.
Snowdrop: Has negative connotations.
Stock: Unbreakable affection.
Sunflower: Deep loyalty and warmth.
Tulip (general): Imagination, a gift from a perfect lover, love.
Tulip (red): Irresistibly in love.
Tulip (yellow): Hopeless love without the prospect of reconciliation.
Tulip (variagated): Your eyes are beautiful.
Violet: Repels evil, symbolises purity.

Ten Facts about Roses

  1. The botanical name of the rose is Rosa

  2. The oldest rose fossils were found in Colorado, although there are records of its appearance in China around 2,500 years ago. The rose has since been cultivated all over the world.

  3. blue roseNo-one has yet managed to create a blue rose, although with today's technology I suspect a genetically engineered blue rose is not far away.

  4. The rose is the symbol of love, and many bouquets are bought as gifts on Valentine's day.

  5. The Red Rose is the symbol of England. It was so named by the Tudor King Henry VII, who created his "Tudor Rose" by crossbreeding other roses. The rose is also the symbol of Lancashire, representing the House of Lancaster. The White Rose has also been taken as the symbol of Yorkshire, reprenting the House of York. Hence the War of the Roses was between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

  6. Rosehips are known to be rich in Vitamin C and carotenoids. They are now also thought to offer protection of joints and Rosehip Extract is sold as a nutritional supplement to offer protection to joints and as a treatment for arthritis.

  7. Roses can represent both love and war.

  8. The Netherlands are now the world's leading exporters of roses.

  9. Limp cut roses can be rejuvenated by standing them in a vase filled with lukewarm water up to their necks, in a cool room.

  10. Rose plants can fulfill a variety of functions - they can have a great fragrance (eg Maiden's Blush), they can flower for a long time (eg Diamond Jubilee), you can get climbing and rambling varieties (eg Etoile de Holland) and you can get roses for hedging (eg Kiftsgate).
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