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Tarot, crystals and horoscopes - information and a UK buyer's guide

- Crystals, crystal jewellery, angel cards, Tarot cards, hanging crystals, incense and new age music are just some of the things you will find in this unique shop that specialises in products that have spiritual connection. . There are also interviews and articles written by leaders in the field of spirituality. The shop is secure and goods are normally despatched within 24 hours of placing an order.

Crystals - How to choose the one for you

Crystals are often carried as good luck charms, and different crystals are said to have different properties according to their natural frequency, ie the way that they vibrate. Advocates of crystals state that these vibrations give rise to energy fields which can affect emotions etc.

Some of the common effects / meanings of crystals are given below, for your information.

Baby Zodiacs
- Baby Zodiacs™ is a very different idea for a gift for a newborn baby or young child. The Baby Zodiac is a hard covered hand finished book that contains the baby's astrological chart, foretelling what the baby's strengths and talents will be, what he / she will hope to achieve and what the future may hold.
Living Designs
- Secure shop for crystals, jewellery, Feng Shui, Gemstones and more.




Said to promote healing and increase one's confidence.


Promotes healing


Relieves depression


Improves vision


Healing of blood borne diseases


Promotes virility


Has uplifting effect on heart and mind


Aids digestion and heals digestive disorders


Brings protection


Brings protection and luck, and offers wisdom

Lapis Lazuli

Heals diseases of the mind


Powerful stone which releases negativity


Used by psychics to aid their sixth sense.


Offers protection


Helps sleeping disorders and increases intuition


The most powerful healing stone. Aids meditation.

Rose Quartz

Heals affairs of the heart.


Gives courage and improves self awareness.

Tiger's Eye

Helps one to think clearly.


Soothes pain and has a calming effect


Offers protection and promotes goodwill


Makes friendships happy and stable.


Helps the mind focus and brings luck.

Swarovski Crystal

Clears energy blockages when hung in rooms, according to Feng Shui.


- Everything to enhance your mind, body and spirit including Buddhas, Crystal Balls, Feng Shui, Fairies, Dragons, Oil Burners, Angels, Gothic, Native American, Wind Chimes and much more.
The Holistic Shop
- An online resource dedicated to Holistic and complementary therapy gifts, including aromatherapy, crystals, relaxation cd's and other items that will enhance your spiritual development.
Crystal Cave Shop
- A wide range of healing crystals which can be incorporated into jewellery pieces of your choice or sold singly. Many stones, from agate to unakite, are available.
Crystal Earth
- Crystals from around the world, and jewellery from regions as diverse as Native America, New Zealand, Poland and Bali. They stock a comprehensive range of crystal shapes, together with crystal starter packs, dowsing and runes.
Wilde Ones
- Crystals and minerals, Tarot cards, jewellery, a wide selection of incense, essential oils, teas, world music and spiritually inspiring books.
York Holistics
- Over 500 natural health and healing products including Individual Vits/ Mins, Antioxidants & Enzymes, Herbal, Detox, Sports, Homeopathic Remedies, Healing, Chakra Balancing, Feng shui & buddhist and more.
Touch of Magick
Mystical gifts including stones, crystals, Feng Shui, aromatherapy, and jewellery including amulets.

Crystal Crazy
Crystal animals, balls, paperweights, bottles and other ornaments hand made by craftsmen.

Kabbalah Shop
Occult and pagan supplies including crystals, tarot, incense, candles, cauldrons, pestles and mortars, chakra, pentacles and much more.