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Gadgets, boys toys and innovative electrical products - a UK Buyer's Guide.

- The latest gadgets, boys' toys, music, videos, games and every cool gadget you just can't live without.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Each week, new gadgets and gizmos arrive on the market promising to make our life easier, more fun, sexier(!) or just less boring. There are gadgets that let your friends know if you are lying or not (truth machines); gadgets to titillate your scalp (the Orgasmatron); gadgets you can listen to (mp3 players), gadgets you can take pictures with (digital cameras), surveillance devices, boys toys, robots and a whole host of electronic novelties.

In this section I will discuss a few of the latest gadgets available for sale online in the UK and what they do.

Gadgets UK
- Gadget company, selling boys toys and other cool man stuff at discount prices eg a mobile phone receiver pen and a voice memo microphone, plus batteries, Playstations, tools and penknives and much more.
- Everything from microwaveable boots and Mallett's Mallet to a motorised coin sorter and a micro helicopter for just £11.99.

Wunderbar Beer ChillerWunderbar Beer Chiller

If you love to enjoy a nice chilled beer, then check out the Wunderbar Beer Chiller. Inside this "cool" item you can store 6 litres of beer, in the provided 6 litre unikeg that comes with the unit. It is also compatible with most other kegs provided they are 6 litres or less in size.

The Wunderbar Beer Chiller is mains powered. Once cooled the beer remains cold for hours as the unit is extremely well insulated. Although called a beer chiller, it works equally well with wine and soft drinks.

An optional extra comes in the form of a CO2 attachment that you can fit to the back of the unit. It ensures that your beer remains fizzy and will be sufficient for about 300 kegs. The first cannister is included with the Wunderbar Beer Chiller, replacement cannisters can be ordered separately if required.

The chiller currently retails at £138.71 from

- Computer gadgets, executive toys and gizmos for the home. Free delivery on orders over £30.
I Want I Want
- The place for all the latest crazes and collectables. Currently retailing Gormiti, The Invincible Lords of Nature from £1.25. In addition you can get Crazy Bones with Free Marvel Heroes, Mandy Mix Up, Floam, Yu-Gi-Oh, Webkinz and much more.


One of the latest crazes taking the UK by storm is the game "Suduko", where you have to complete lines of consecutive numbers in a grid, so that each number appears only once in the line (and once in each 3x3 sub grid). The recent success of this game has to be due in part to the success of TV show, "Street Cred Suduko".

The name "Suduko" is Japanese, and means single. The game itself, however, was not created in Japan, but in the US. It is believed to have been created by a man called Walter Mackey, who created puzzles for Dell Publishing, based in New York. He created the game in the 1970's - the game did not become popular in Japan until the mid 1980's.

Paramount Zone
- Gadgets include the truth machine, spy calculator, shower radio, wavebuster, and the smallest digital camera in the world.
Talking Products
- Choose from "Voice Pad" - add your own personal voice message to any Greeting Card or Gift; "Talking Tins" - identify the contents of your tinned food, bottles and containers; "Record-a-card" - record your own personal voice message or "Talking Labels" -record a message on the label and stick it anywhere.
Gizmo and Widget
- Fun and cool items, including kazoos, bacon bandages, an electric fly swatter plus loads of games, puzzles, kitchen gizmos and more.
I Want One of Those
All the latest must have gadgets and gizmos. Check out the Waboba Extreme, Limbo String and the amazingly priced Reef Rider Sea Scooter. Other interesting items include a Solar powered battery charger, which will charge everything from PDAs and iPods to PSPs and Nokias.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders has proved itself to be able to stand the test of time. Originally bursting onto the scene in 1978, via arcade machines that hungrily ate 10p pieces, it was our job to stop the invaders from space destroying our defences and completing their mission. The graphics were crude, the colour was absent and the game play was very repetitive. Modern games are far more sophisticated and the graphics are far more pleasing to the eye, and yet... Some of us hanker back to the days of Space Invaders, where you didn't need to play online, find cheats, spend ages learning the controls or read an instruction booklet (what's one of those? ed).

Now with this handy "plug 'n' play" device from Firebox, you can not only play Space Invaders on your TV, but also play Phoenix, Lunar Rescue and other memorable games from your youth!

busbi digital video cameraBusbi Digital Video Camera - £34.95
- Has just 4 buttons - on/off, record, play and delete. Comes with a 1Gb SD memory card which will give you about 60 mins recording time. 2" LCD screen.
Premier Poker Chips
- If you want a casino in your home then this is the site for you. This site sells items including poker chip sets, Texas Hold'em table tops, gaming cloths, craps, roulette and more.
Chalfont Gifts
- Site full of phone, car, pen and other novelties including r/c, a fake brick, IPOD accessories and Skype phones.
I Bit Store
Accessories for digital media products including the iPod and iPhone, mp3 players and mobiles. The place to go for cases, chargers, batteries, leads, iTrip/FM transmitters and remotes.
- Weird and wonderful, eg an Inflatable cowboy on a horse costume, a remote control wasp, a dog bum pencil sharpener and a smoker's umbrella complete with ash tray are some of the eclectic items on sale. Free delivery when you spend over £50 and a price promise guarantee.

The Turds

Maybe it's just my sense of humour, but I have to say, "The Turds" range has brought a smile to my face. You can now buy a whole range of collectable ornaments based on, er, turds. The range includes turd figurines, plush turds, micro turds and other accessories such as turd fridge magnets, keyrings, and other sh*t. My question is though, regarding the figurines, is it now true that you can indeed polish a turd? View "The Turds" here.



Boy's Stuff
Items you can't live without, including a light up Batman T-shirt, a wind up phone charger, a Wi-Fi watch (detects wi-fi networks wherever you are) and Gnome Bowling.

robosapienRobosapien V2

Robosapien is the toy that big boys and little boys alike wanted for Christmas in 2004. It was a highly sophisticated device that can see, hear and speak. However, Robosapien is now old news, because Robosapien V2 has landed. Robosapien V2 is much bigger than the original Robosapien. However, the main difference with this version of Robosapien is the autoroam function, which allows the robot to respond to your commands, recognise you, walk around avoiding obstacles, issue commands to Robopet and Roboraptor and much more. View Robosapien and Robosapien V2 here.

- Electronic gizmos including portable DVD players, MP3 players, neon lights, game consoles, computer accessories and R/C.