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Gazebos at Robert Dyas
- A range of gazebos and awnings of various sizes from 2.7m squared to pavillion sized at 6 x 3m, together with replacement gazebo joints. Prices start at just £17.99 for 2.7m square gazebo, or buy one with four detachable sides for just £39.99.

Gazebo Guide

Gazebo is the name used nowadays for a temporary or permanent garden building, which can either be just a roof structure, or a roof with walls. Gazebo in their simplest form are steel pole framed gazebo, measuring in the region of 3m x 3m, and made from slot together steel poles with a plastic or polyester material cover which goes over the frame to form a roof, usually with the material running down each of the legs at the four corners. Gazebos nowadays come in more advanced forms that are easier to put together.  Pop up gazebos can be put up in 60 seconds, making them portable and easy to use.  This makes them very popular for outdoor events.

pop-up gazebo Popup Instant Gazebo £69.99 (Greenfingers)
- A cleverly designed popup gazebo which expands straight out of the bag. Comes with a carrying case and three side panels. 3mx3mx2.55m. Available in green or blue. Note this gazebo is showerproof but not water proof. Comes highly recommended.
Swing Seat gazebo Luxor Swing Seat Gazebo (Greenfingers) £379
- Deluxe three seater swing seat gazebo. Steel framed, with polyester fabric. The roof is vented, the curtains and cushions attach with velcro and it can be folded down to a flat bed if required.

They are very flimsy and susceptible to damage by wind, and can also be difficult to assemble.

There are additional sides that can be bought to make the gazebo more cosy inside, but these will not withstand heavy winds.

The next level up in cost is the "pop-up" gazebo, where the frame is a complex mechanical set of poles and levers which are all attached together in one piece, and a concertina mechanism opens up into the ready made frame, so simplifying the erection. Again, they are not able to withstand heavy winds.

The next level up in gazebo is more of a permanent structure, normally made from the same type of wood that a garden shed would be made from, such as overlapping thin wood or thin tongue and groove panels. They are often called arbours or pergolas and can either be a roof only with posts supporting the roof and perhaps a seating area, or they can have additional wood panel walls on one or more sides or be totally enclosed.

The most luxurious styles are made from hardwood. You can buy a range of permanent hardwood gazebos in a variety of styles and shapes that can transform part of your garden into an outdoor dining room.

The shape of these structures varies greatly. The traditional shape is square, but many people prefer the aesthetic appeal of a hexagonal or octagonal shape, particularly because the roof shape is somewhat pleasing to the eye, looking a little like a turret.

They can range in price from as little as £20-£30 up to £800-£5000 or more for the fully enclosed permanent units.

Gazebo with 2 Side Panels (Greenfingers)
- 3m x 3m gazebo with two side panels for shelter. Guy ropes and pegs are included.

4x3mdeluxe gazeboRaw Garden Gazebos
- Extensive range of quality gazebos including deluxe, festival, party or riviera models, all with next day delivery. Prices start at £149.99.

hexagonal gazeboB & Q
- B&Q have a range of gazebos including the hexagaonal one (pictured right). They also have everything from large party pavilions to a small 3mx2m gazebo that costs under £14. Voucher Code
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