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Gifts Online plus a guide to buying a gift for a woman

Wicked Uncle
- Gifts for children sorted by age group. They can be sent gift wrapped with a hand written birthday or Xmas card and posted direct. Presents include radio controlled indoor flying helicopters, a lunare moon buggy, make up artist sketch book and more.

Buying a gift for a woman

This ShoppingTrolley guide has been written tongue in cheek to help men buy gifts for the women in their lives. It is more a list of what not to do rather than a list of what to do. Being a woman myself and married for more years than I care to mention, I use a very direct approach with my husband, eg "I would like a Chocolate Fountain, please".


Digital Photo Frames
- Digital photo frames at Udiggit. Choose from a range of sizes including 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 15" and a massive 32". Also available are WiFi and bluetooth frames.

- Home of the interactive Gift Finder, which will show you thousands great gifts and gift ideas. Delivery is free when you spend £25 or more.
Balloon Store
- The Balloon Store provide balloons for all occasions, including a Balloon In A Box and a Bouquet of Balloons.
- Gifts and gadgets including radio and remote control helicopters, cool usb additions including a usb drum kit, usb traffic lights, a usb parrot and a usb xmas tree, romantic gifts including love heart tokens and much, much more.

Steiff Molly BearHowever, I appreciate fully that most women do not take such an up front approach, especially if you have not been together for that long. Hence here is this "how not to upset your wife / girlfriend and buy her a nice present" guide.

  • clarice cliff teapotListen out for hints. I know that men might find it very difficult to hear the subliminal message in a woman's subtle remark, but it's worth trying. For example, should your girlfriend mention that she would like some more pottery to add to her Clarice Cliff collection, it is worth making a mental note of this fact and checking out the local antique shops in the area.

  • However, if your girlfriend tells you not to bother with presents this year, or to only get her a small one, then act on this request at your peril. Something with diamonds in ought to do.

  • Don't buy clothes unless a direct request has been made of you to do this. Not only does the item have to be the correct size, it has to be in both a colour and style that your lady will appreciate. If you buy something too big, you open yourself up to "Do you really think I'm so fat I could wear that?!" However, if you buy something too small, you are asking for "You don't love me, you wish I were slimmer" type remarks. Be warned.

  • Don't buy household appliances to make her life easier. For example, it would be unfortunate for you to have the latest steam iron lodged down your oesophagus by an angry partner, along with the sentiments "well you can do your own bloody ironing".

  • Wrap the present yourself with top quality wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. You could even attach a helium filled balloon. Your girlfriend will be impressed that you have gone to such an effort for her.

  • Don't buy her DIY tools, unless she loves her DIY and has specifically requested them. Otherwise, she might think that, in fact, you have bought the present for yourself. That would be a bad move.

  • Don't ask your mum for help in choosing a gift for your girlfriend. Your mother will most likely have no idea what your girlfriend would like. A better person to ask for suggestions would be your girlfriend's best friend, who is likely to know her better.

  • Noone is ever too old for a teddy bear, especially a collectible Steiff one. There are some gorgeous teddies to choose from here.


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Gadgets, games and boys toys. Top 10 bestsellers include an Orgasmatron(!), a Super TV Boy (a joypad with 127 built-in retro games) and 'Oddballs' - grown up Space Hoppers for those that haven't quite managed to grow up.
Johnson Crafts
- Cross stitch kits, embroidery kits, tapestry kits and printed canvas.
Framed Share
- Buy a share in your favourite company, and have it framed. As a shareholder , you may be entitled to perks, benefits and possibly dividends. Choose from football clubs, designer brands and many more companies.
Thanks Darling
- All types of gift activities together with traditional gifts such as champagne, flowers, chocolates, gadgets and big boys toys.
- Baby baskets for every occasion including baskets for boys, girls, mum, Christening and First Birthday. Choose from prefilled baskets or custom create your own. You can choose from a variety of contents including soft toys, photograph albums, pram shoes and blankets.
Woodwork by Design
- Custom hand made woodwork designs including bowls, boxes, clocks, models, toys and small pieces of furniture.
The Aroma Shop
- Jewellery for adults and children, contemporary watches, handbags, novelties for men and boys, and a range of essential oils and toiletries. Gift wrapping is free.
- Gifts for all occasions including weddings, baby and christening. Bestsellers include bathing products, handabags and beautiful toy tents for children styled as a circus big top, gingerbread cottage and many more designs.
- Technogifts including ipod accessories, a coffee warmer, computer gizmos, blue tooth, psp, sim cards and more.
Rural Living
- A diverse range of items with a rural theme, including items for the home (eg vases and candlesticks), items for the garden (eg a hedgehog box), hand crafted toys, soaps and leather photo albums.