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Golf Clubs and Equipment

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How to choose a set of golf clubs

In general, when you are looking to buy a golf club, you are looking for one whose length is about the same as the distance between your belly button and the floor. Of course, this will never be exact as manufactured golf clubs will only approximate to the differing heights of the population.

It is a good idea to try out different golf clubs and equipment at your local golf course, before commiting to an expensive purchase, as you will find your game to be affected if the clubs you purchase are not the right length.

The more experienced players amongst you may benefit from a custom club fitting service as this may give you the edge over your competitors who are using mass produced equipment. There are services available which will custom fit and build clubs to match uniquely you. These services may involve customising the length of club, the design of the clubhead, the type of shaft and the grip.

The Meaning of Golfing Terms

If you are a golfing novice and think that a birdie is something that goes "tweet, tweet" then you are in need of the ShoppingTrolley golfing glossary, where all will be revealed.

  • Birdie - one stroke under par on any given hole. This term originates from the word "bird", used in the 19th century in America to mean anything good.
  • Eagle - a score of two under par on a given hole. This is an extension of the word "birdie", as an Eagle is a "big birdie".
  • Albatross - an Albatross is a very rare birdie, and so an Albatross in golf means a score of three under par.
  • Dodo - A hole in one.
  • Feather - a lightweight golfer - only plays once a month.
  • Swan - a golfer who pays more attention to the appearance of his golfing trousers than the style of his stroke.
  • Crow - A golfing widow.
  • Robin - A brand new set of golf clubs, received as a Christmas present.
  • Ostrich - A golfer who thinks he's good, when in fact, he is not (he buries his head in the sand).
  • Yes I am jesting, the first three are real, the rest are just my sense of humour.
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