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Greenhouses, including Modular, Compact, Lean-to and Kits, from UK sites, plus a Greenhouse Buying Guide.

Greenhouses @ Two Wests & Elliot
- Specialist company dedicated to the manufacturer and retail of greenhouses (including modular greenhouses, free standing greenhouses and greenhouse bases), cold frames, cloches, staging, fruit cages, heating, lighting and insulation, polyurethane tunneling, irrigation and much more.

polycarbonate greenhouse 6' x 8' with baseGreenhouse Buying Guide

What will you use your greenhouse for?

If you are a keen gardener and are wanting to grow fruit, flowers and vegetables throughout the year, then you should go for a greenhouse with good ventilation and heating. If you are only looking to grow plants in the spring and summer months, then heating will not be necessary.

What style of greenhouse should I chose?

Greenhouses are available in a variety of styles which are summarised here:

  • Modular greenhouses - these greenhouses are easily assembled from sections - you can add additional middle sections if needed to increase the amount of space you have, thus they offer great flexibility.
  • Lean to - these are attached to the side of your home. The advantage is that if you wish to have light, heat and water then it is easier to get these services from your home. They are also more space saving than a free standing version. However, a lean-to will not get the all round light of a free standing greenhouse.
  • Free standing - this type of greenhouse offers the best lighting conditions. However, the installation of water and electricity, if required, will be more complex.

What material should the frame be constructed from?

The main choices are wood, resin or aluminium. Aluminium requires the least maintenance and is strong. Wood looks good, and it's useful if you want to attach hooks (eg for hanging baskets) to the frame. However, wood will require maintenance if it is to have a long life. Resin frames also look good and are maintenance free.

What sort of "glass" should I choose?

The main choices are glass (horticultural glass or toughened glass, single or double walled), polyfilm plastics, polycarbonate panels or acrylic sheets. If you are on a budget, the plastic option is the cheapest. Plastic is a good insulator, but will only last about 3 years before it will need to be replaced, and it is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Glass allows the most light through, but it is prone to breakage (especially if you have children, or your neighbours have children with balls) or there are a lot of trees around that have branches which may blow off in windy weather. Glass is also not a good insulator, unless you go for a double glazed option which adds to the cost.

Polycarbonate panels make good alternatives to glass. They are light and strong, although they do not let quite as much light through as glass. You can buy these panels double or triple glazed which provide great insulation and cut down on heating costs.

Modular, Compact and Lean To @ Greenfingers
- A large range of greenhouses including modular, lean-to and compact greenhouses, with side panels in acrylic or polycarbonate.
B & Q
- A huge range to suit every taste including lean-to, apex roofed, curved roof, and you can choose from polycarbonate, horticultural glass or toughened glass glazing. Most have aluminium frames - if you would prefer a wood frame check out the premier collection.
Screwfix Direct Ltd
- A wide range for both domestic and professional use with delivery within 7-14 days. At Screwfix you get trade prices, and free delivery when you spend £45 or more.
Also check out the Screwfix clearance sale.