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Silly Jokes
- A comprehensive range of halloween costumes for men, women and children including capes and robes, plus accessories including wigs, teeth, face paint and, halloween masks.

They also stock a range of halloween party décor including skeletons and other decorations, together will themed party supplies including tableware with pumpkins, cats, skulls, ghoulies and various other creepy things.

Halloween Costumes - scaredy cat handbagHalloween Costume Ideas

Here are a few cheap and cheerful halloween costume ideas:

  • Ghost
    This is a really simple halloween costume to make. Get an old white sheet and drape it over your child. Cut the edge of the sheet so it is the right length on your child and mark out where to cut the eye holes (for safety don't cut out the eye holes whilst your child is still in the sheet). Attach with a belt around the middle.
  • Mummy
    Wrap your child from neck to toe in white bandages (make sure they can still go to the loo if they need to). Paint on green for mold, and use loads of white makeup on the face for a very pale pallour.
  • Black Cat
    Dress your child in a black sweatshirt and thick black tights or leggings. Make cat ears out of cardboard, paint them black, and attach them to a hairband. Make a tail from a piece of black material and stuff it with some old tights. If you want the tail to appear to stick up in a curve, put a length of wire inside the material before stitching it up so that you can bend the tail to shape. Attach the tail to tights / leggings.
  • Count Dracula
    Make a cape out of an old piece of black material. Grease the hair back. Use white face paint and blood red lipstick. Invest in a pair of plastic dracula teeth for a realistic effect.

Halloween Party Game Ideas

Pin the Nose on The Witch

This is the same principal as pin the tail on the donkey. Get a large piece of card and draw a witch's head on it, then attach the card to a cork board. On a separate piece of card draw a witch's nose. Despite the title "pin", when children are playing I use "blue tack" for attaching the nose as it is much safer. Blindfold the child, spin him round, give him the witch's nose and point him in the direction of the witch's head. The child who attaches the nose closest to where the witch's nose actually goes is the winner.

Pass the Pumpkin

This game is similar to pass the parcel, except when the music stops the child who has the pumpkin is out. The remaining child at the end of the game is the winner.

Bug Hunt

Buy a few packets of plastic bugs and beetles (the Early Learning Centre usually have them) and distribute them around your house, or at least in the rooms that you will allow the children to search. Give them quarter of an hour to find as many bugs as they can - the child who finds the most gets a prize. All the children are winners anyway as they get to keep the bugs. Let's face it, do you want them?

Spider's Web

Make a huge spider's web by wrapping a ball of black wool around furniture etc in your living room (make sure you have evicted the cat first or she may never be seen again). Once you have a basic web, of sorts, in your room, cut several long lengths of wool and to one end attach a plastic bug and to the other end a prize, such as a tube of smarties or a packet of maltesers. Entwine each length of wool into the web, leaving the bug sticking out at one end. Let each child choose a bug and untangle their piece of wool to retrieve their prize.

Jokers Masquerade
- A great selection for men, women, teenagers and children, including outfits (check out especially the Freddy Krueger, Addams Family, and Texas Chain Saw Massacre themes) plus horror makeup, masks and gadgets. Most items are shipped the same day for next day delivery.

This year (2008) check out the Halloween Handbags, they are too cute!

- Outfits include skeletons, witches, Harry Potter, dracula, devils, mummys and ghosts, with matching teeth, wigs, horns and blood.