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Handhelds, Smartphones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, mobile managers and other handheld devices - information and a UK buyer's guide.

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- Handhelds, PDAs, smartphones, handheld devices and mobile managers by Palm, including the Treo 650, T|X World Mate Pro and the Case Pack LifeDrive.

hp ipaq h2210A guide to handhelds, pocket PCs, smartphones and PDAs.

What is a PDA?

PDA stands for "personal digital assistant" and is a generic term that includes handhelds, smartphones, pocket pcs and other handheld and mobile devices.

What is a handheld?

Handhelds are truly portable pocket sized "computers" that fit into the palm of your hand. Typically they allow you to store phone numbers, names, addresses, email addresses and other details. They also usually have an agenda function that allows you to organise appointments and set reminders and alarms.

- New and used pocket PCs and pda's by a range of manufacturers including Microsoft, Palm, Sony Clié, Compaq, Acer, HP and Toshiba.

-A selection of pocket pcs by Palm and Hewlett Packard, including the IPAQ. Many are at specially discounted internet prices.
















Many of the latest handhelds will allow you to store and view photos, videos and music, usually on a removeable flash memory card. Certain models come complete with Wi-fi and / or Bluetooth, freeing you from wires. You can "synchronise" data with your computer, meaning that files updated on your handheld can be backed up to your computer, and vice versa. Your computer and PDA are connected via a cable or cradle device. Data can be input directly to the handheld either via a QWERTY keyboard which can either be integrated or available as an accessory (see below), or via a stylus - a pen like device used to write directly on the screen of the handheld.

What is a smartphone?

A smartphone is a handheld device that combines the functions of a handheld and a mobile phone. That means that it can be used to send and receive email and send and receive text and picture messages, in addition to the address and agenda functions available with a standard handheld.

What is a mobile manager?

A mobile manager is a step closer to being a truly handheld "laptop" computer. You can use Microsoft Office programs such as Powerpoint and Excel, and store presentations, data, video and music on the integrated hard drive. You can access the internet either via a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, or via a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices such as printers.

What about GPS?

Some handhelds can be transformed into GPS with the addition of a GPS pod that has a built in speaker (so you can hear the vocal instructions) and built-in GPS receiver. Country maps can be loaded onto flash memory cards from cd-rom.

What accessories are available?

Available accessories are dependent upon the particular device you are buying, but typically include such items as QWERTY keyboards for ease of input (although mobile managers usually have an intergrated QWERTY keyboard), flash memory cards, screen protectors, cases, covers and chargers / travel chargers.