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Hunter Wellies - A buyer's guide and price comparison for UK shoppers.

hunter wellington bootsHunter Wellies
Hunter Wellies are available in the UK from Ugs and Kisses. They are available in black, pink, navy, lime green, chocolate, powder blue, original green, iris and lilac.

These colours are from the original range. In addition, there are now patterned wellies available, with patterns consisting of roses, peaches and vegetables. Some of these are available in three different styles - full knee, half knee and clog. Prices start at £19.85 for the clog. The full Hunter Original Wellington Boot retails at £49.95, but if you are lucky and it's sale time,you'll be able to get them for around £38.

Also selling Hunter Wellies online are the company Outdoor Gear. Again, prices for the men's, women's and youth's versions are £49.99.

Hunter Wellies, what's the deal?

Hunter Wellies are the ultimate designer wellington boot. Priced at about £60 - £70 a pair on the High Street or £50 - £60 a pair online , they are the welly of choice for the well(ie) heeled, being an essential part of country life for the upper echelons. In recent times, they have also become a sort after fashion accessory, patronised by the likes of Kate Moss (at Glastonbury), Charlotte Church and Victoria Beckham. These boots are definitely "it" for country loving fashionistas.

However, the firm that manufactured Hunter Boots, the Hunter Rubber Company, went into liquidation (no pun intended) on April 10th, 2006. Although the company boasted a turnover in excess of 8.3 million, it made a loss from its recent expansion into the US market. Perhaps there is less of a need for wellies in the USA? Contributory factors to the loss of fortune included a diversification into sales of hats and jackets. These none core items did not sell aswell as the company had originally hoped.

A lot of interest in the company was shown by potential suitors after it had gone into liquidation. The new owners are now a company called the Pentland Group and a group of independent investors. The Pentland Group already own a number of well known brands including Kickers, Red or Dead and Speedo.

The new company has sold the luxury clothing lines and once again concentrates on the range of Hunter Wellington Boots. This brand has always been successful and has cornered 75% of the designer wellington market. The new company trades under the name of Hunter Boot Ltd.


What's so good about Hunter Wellies anyway?

There are a few things of note about Hunter Wellies, making it worth considering the extra poundage to own them.

  • They are really comfortable. The footwell has orthopaedic cushioning with an antibacterial lining.
  • The rubber used to manufacture the boots is of a high quality, making them more flexible and easier to walk in.
  • They are very smart in appearance, and make a fashion statement even in the wettest and muddiest of fields.

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