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Ironing & Pressing - Timesaving tips and machines - a ShoppingTrolley Guide

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Timesaving tips on ironing

Ironing is a thankless activity that can take up time that would be better spent doing something that would be much more fun. It is generally hot, back breaking and time consuming work.

However, not everybody can afford to send their clothing to the dry cleaners or to an independent laundry service, so we hope that you will read with interest the ShoppingTrolley ironing timesaving tips:














  1. The easiest way to cut down on ironing time is to prevent your clothes from becoming creased in the first place. This can be done in one of a number of ways, including:
    • Remove and fold or hang clothes immediately from the tumble dryer when it has finished its cycle. Consider investing in a tumble dryer that continues to tumble (in both the forwards and reverse directions) after the clothing is dry, to prevent creasing.
    • Buy iron free or non iron clothing whenever possible, especially non iron tailored shirts, as all you need to do is to put the shirts on a hanger and put them away in your wardrobe.
  2. Make sure that there is plenty of room for the garments that are hanging in your wardrobe. If you stuff too many items into too small a space, everything will come out looking creased. If you currently don't have sufficient space, you can either buy another wardrobe or, more likely, take a bin liner and clear out everything that you haven't worn in the past 12 months (go on - be ruthless) and take it down to your local charity shop. It's good for the soul, you know.
  3. Don't iron things that don't need to be ironed. This includes socks, pants, certain stretch jeans and a few other items. Sometimes with items such as rugby shirts you can get away with just ironing the collar so that it sits nicely, and the body of the shirt looks fine as it is.
  4. Put a layer of tin foil underneath your ironing board cover. It will reflect heat and make the ironing quicker and more effective.
  5. Make sure that you have at the very least a good nonstick iron. It may be worth buying a pressing machine if you have a lot of laundry to do, or alternatively, have very high standards. These machines can cut ironing time in half on average. The more expensive models also have the advantage that they have an automatic cut off if you leave them closed for too long, so no more scorch marks on your best shirt!

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