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Lawnmowers, Lawn Sweepers, and a Buyer's Guide, UK

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Lawnmowers - A Buyer's Guide

There are a number of different types of lawnmower on the market today, including Rotary, Hover, Self Propelled and Tractor / Ride-On mowers, made by a variety of manufacturers including Flymo, Qualcast, Allen, McCulloch and Hayter Herritage.

Which one should I buy?

You will need to consider the following points:

  • What is the area of the lawn that needs to be mowed?
  • Will I need to be able to mow lawn on a slope or incline?
  • Is the lawn open, or is movement restricted by trees and shrubs within it?
  • What sort of power will I need, petrol or electric? (If you have a long lawn, it might take a lot of extension cable to reach down to the far end of it with an electric mower - petrol would be preferable).
  • Do you want to collect the grass cuttings or leave them on the lawn? If you mow the lawn regularly, it can be beneficial to leave the cuttings on the lawn as they can help to feed it, plus keep it moist in dry weather. However, you will need to keep a look out for moss on your lawn, which can spread in areas where left grass cuttings result in inadequate aeration.
  • Do you want a traditional striped lawn appearance? If so you will need a mower with a rear roller.
  • Do you have enough space to store the mower you wish to purchase?

In general, light lawnmowers, either powered by electricity or petrol depending on your preference, are suited to smaller lawns, with the heavier mowers with larger blades more suited to larger lawns. You may also want to consider a self-propelled mower for a larger lawn, as this can reduce the effort required considerably.

If you have a very large area to mow (around half an acre or more) it might be an idea to get a ride-on or tractor mower if you can afford one as you will be able to mow the lawn more quickly than with a standard variety - or buy a sheep!

If your lawn is level, you have the option of a cyclinder mower for a striped appearance.

For a sloped lawn, a hover mower is the easiest to use. On very steep lawns you can lower them down the slope using a piece of rope tied around the handle.

For lawns with trees and other obstacles, wheeled rotary mowers are easier to manoeuver.

Lawnmower Types

The four main types of lawnmower are:

  • Rotary lawn mower
    Has a blade that rotates horizontally, allowing it to be used on uneven lawns. However, the height of the blade is higher than a cylinder mower, so it will not cut the grass as low.
  • Cylinder lawn mower
    The blade cuts cleanly and very low. However, it should not be used on uneven surfaces as this can result in damage to the blades.
  • The hover lawn mower
    Cheaper than many other mowers, it has a rotating blade and rides on an air cushion created by the blade's rotation. Good for slopes and uneven surfaces.
  • The ride-on lawn mower
    Often the only solution for a larger garden, unless you are prepared to spend hours mowing the lawn with a cheaper model.
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