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Levitra - information about this medicine

Levitra - Generic Name Vardenafil

What does Levitra do?

  • Levitra is an oral medication which helps more blood to flow into the penis by relaxing the penile muscles. By doing this it helps a man to keep his erection during sexual intercourse.
  • Levitra has been clinically shown to improve erectile function even in men with other health problems, such as diabetics and survivors of prostate cancer.

Levitra can help you get a firmer erection, when you are sexually stimulated. It is known to both improve erection hardness and your ability to maintain an erection throughout sexual intercourse. However, it will not increase your libido, it will not act as an aphrodisiac and it will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

It been shown in clinical trials to improve the quality of erections in the majority of men with all forms and severities of ED, although individual results may vary. Any man who has noticed negative changes in the quality of his erections, and would like to improve his erectile function, should talk to his doctor to find out if this drug is right for him.
This drug has been shown to be effective in men over the age of 18 years who have erectile dysfunction (ED), including diabetics and those who have had their prostate gland removed.

The aspects of erectile dysfunction that were significantly improved included:

  • Improved confidence in being able to complete the sexual act
  • Satisfaction at the firmness of erections
  • The ability to maintain an erection throughout sexual activity
  • Generally satisfied with sexual intercourse

What is the recommended dose?

The recommended dose is 10 mg for men below 65 years of age and 5 mg for men over 65, unless the dose is changed by your doctor. The tablet is taken orally.


You should let your doctor know if you are taking any drugs that may interact with Levitra. In particular, medicines used to treat irregular heartbeats, alpha-blockers and medicines containing nitrates should not be taken with Levitra. Alpha-blockers and nitrates lower your blood pressure, and in conjuction with Levitra can lower your blood pressure to dangerously low levels.

There are some other medicines that already contain Vardenafil, and if you take them in conjunction with Levitra, you can end up with too much Vardenafil in your body. These medicines include Erythromycin, Ketoconazole, Ritonavir and other similar drugs. Make sure you inform your doctor of any other medicines you are taking before your prescription is issued. You should also inform him about any medical conditions you are currently suffering from, such as heart problems and angina, low or high blood pressure, if you have ever suffered a stroke, eye problems, liver or kidney disease, stomach ulcers and bleeding, an abnormally shaped penis and blood problems including leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia and cancer of the bone marrow.

You should consult your doctor for advice before making a purchase online.