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maternity wedding dressMaternity Wear Buying Guide
Finding clothes to wear whilst you a pregnant can sometimes be a problem. If you buy something, how long will it fit you for? Where can you buy outfits for special occasions? Is everything going to cost the earth?
What you will need will depend on your lifestyle. If you work, then smart clothes for the office are a must. However, if you have friends who have had children they may have some clothes that you can borrow. (Don't bank on it though, my friends lent me pregnancy clothing when I was pregnant and, call me ungrateful, but I thought it was hideous. I remember prancing around the living room pretending to be a marquee in a huge tent dress.)

I also wore some of my husband's clothes. My first child was born in August so I was at my biggest over the summer months. I found my husband's shorts invaluable - they weren't too long because they were shorts, but the waist, which was slightly elasticated and was adjustable by tieing the cord - fitted me perfectly.  

Tiffany Rose
- Maternity clothes and clothing including designer maternity wedding dresses and gowns, formal wear, tops, bottoms and dresses. Fast UK delivery and a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Crave Maternity
- Maternity clothes that are the ultimate in style and comfort helping mums to be to look fabulous, both at business and leisure. Build your wardrobe by layering textures in colours that span warm neutrals through to rich reds and sophisticated greys to create a look that is both unstructured and feminine.

Fashion, style and tastes change and you will want clothes to suit your own taste.
Before shopping, you should consider these points:

  • Can you adapt any of your existing clothes? Sweat pants, anything with an elasticated waist, hubby's t-shirts, shorts and jumpers can all be made use of.
  • Maternity clothes are specially designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. They are either very stretchy, or feature expanding panels, waistbands and tie to fit designs. They are also bought to your pre-pregnancy size so whilst they adapt to your bump, they remain in proportion elsewhere.
  • When buying maternity tops, check to see if they have any design features which will allow for discrete breast feeding after your baby is born, such as specially designed flaps and zips. Personally speaking, when I breast fed my two boys, I found loose tops that you could easily pull up the easiest option. On the many occasions that I breast fed in public places, I largely went unnoticed.
  • You may be able to buy clothing second hand.
  • You can buy bra extenders to increase the life of your bras (they attach to the clips on the back of your bra, so you can still wear your bra as your rib cage expands. If your cup size increases though they are not much use.)
  • Your feet and ankles may swell up during the latter months of your pregnancy, so go for shoes that have adjustable width such as adjustable straps, laces or velcro fastenings.
  • Buying online or via mail order will save you trailing from store to store and let you try on your designs in the comfort of your own home.
Bumps Maternity
- A collection which is both fashionable and affordable, enabling you to change shape with style. Stockists of the Bumbo, the Belly Bra and the Belly Belt and other brands of underwear, sportswear and swimwear.
Bump to 3
- A mail order specialist with a range of practical products for expectant mothers through to children from birth up to the age of 3.
Nu Nu Maternity Wear
- Shop online for brands including Home Mummy, Valja, Tete a Tete and Melba, or visit the boutique in Harrogate.
Fun Mum
- Contemporary and fashionable outfits to last throughout your pregancy including occasion, casual and work wear. Some of the trousers are available in three lengths to suit petite and tall mums-to-be.
Hi Baby
- All the technology you will need before and during pregnancy and labour including fertility and ovulation tests, tens machines, support pillows and travel safety.