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Men's Shaving Kits - A Guide to Wet Shaving

men's shaving kitWet Shaving Guide
Shaving can be a rewarding experience once you have refined your technique, provided you use a good quality men's shaving kit such as those available at Executive Shaving. Executive Shaving have a great range, by top brands including Cyril Salter, Edwin Jagger and Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Here are some basic instructions on this manly art.

  1. It's best not to shave first thing in the morning, because fluids can collect in your skin overnight making a close shave more difficult. Stay upright for a few minutes first to let the fluids disperse.
  2. Wetshaving is meant to be just that - wet! You need to keep your face warm and wet both before and during the shave. So you should shave after a hot bath or shower. Hot water relaxes the muscles in your face and softens facial hair so making the shaving more effective.
    If you don't have time to shower, press a warm wet flannel onto your face for about a minute instead. Wet whiskers allow the razor to skim across the skin, but if you shave dry, your facial hair gets tugged by the razor making skin irritation more likely.
  3. For the smoothest shave and on sensitive skin, apply a glycerine based soft shaving cream which will both protect the skin and enable the smooth passage of the razor across your skin. It should be rubbed up against the hair growth.
  4. Apply the shaving cream with a quality badger hair shaving brush. A rich lather should be obtained on the shaving brush, and it should be applied to your facial hair against the beard growth. If you are using shaving soap, use the brush to create a rich lather before applying to your face.
  5. Using a good quality sharp razor (which you have prewarmed in hot water), shave the face in the direction of the growth of the beard, ie from the top to the bottom of your face. This is the kindest way to shave your skin, and helps to avoid cuts, chafing and ingrowing hairs. Shaving against the grain will get a closer shave, but it's not worth it in terms of the skin irritation that will most likely occur, especially if you have sensitive skin.
    The razor should glide across your skin - use slow, careful strokes without pressing down. Feel free to add more water to your face using the tip of the shaving brush during the shave.
    (Note - it is important to ensure that you use a sharp blade - cuts can be caused by a blunted blade dragging across your skin.)
  6. Rinse your skin with cool water to close your skin's pores and gently pat dry with an absorbent towel.
  7. Apply an alcohol free moisturiser to protect your freshly shaved skin - after shaves containing alcohol can make the skin sting and cause dryness. Also avoid products that contain menthol. Although they feel "cool" when applied to the skin, they can, like alcohol, be irritating.

  8. Carter & Bond stock an extensive range of razors and toiletries by EFX, Gillette, King of Shaves, MOP (Modern Organic Products) and many more brands.