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Motorcycle gear and biker clothing including rain gear, leathers, gloves, base layers and boots.

Motorcycle gear and clothing for safety - how to choose wisely
There are two factors that come into play when choosing motorcycle clothing.

  • Does the clothing offer some protection if I have an accident? Will it absorb any energy in an impact? Will it protect me from abrasion?
  • Can the clothing prevent the accident happening in the first place? (eg wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing at night)

You should consider wearing additional body armour to absorb impact, especially on the body's extremities, ie the elbows, knees, shoulders and hips. Any armour purchased should have the CE mark, which guarantees that it has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet European safety standards.
Abrasion resistance of a material is measured by how long it lasts before wearing away. Human skin offers more abrasion protection than denim, so wearing a denim jacket and jeans is not a good way to avoid abrasion if you have an accident. One of the best choices for protection is cow skin, ie leather. Usually leather specifically made for bikers is thicker than standard leather and offers ten times the protection of denim.
To make sure that you are seen at night, choose a jacket with fluorescent orange, yellow or pink markings, or a reflective strip, or a reflective overvest, so that you can be seen during dimly lit conditions.
One piece suits can offer more protection than separate jacket and trousers as they will not separate. Having said that, they are less practical so you will have to decide which is the most important to you. In any event, you should look for the following:

  • Reinforcement for protection of the body's extremities
  • Double or triple stitching of seams to make rips less likely
  • A snug but comfortable fit
  • Adequate ventilation

Thought should also be given to protection from the elements, such as rain gear (perhaps having a waterproof oversuit on standby) and cold (base layers work a treat to keep you warm in cold weather).
Feet and Hands
Feet and hands should be protected with leather boots and gloves. Look out for built in armour or high density foam padding in gloves, but make sure they are comfortable. Again, boots should fit comfortably and offer protection, especially to ankles.
Further Information
Protective clothing has to satisfy "The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive (Directive 89/686/EEC)" - you can read details of this at the DTI website.

Motorcycle Rain Gear
Includes rain jackets and trousers, all in ones, thermal rain trousers, rain gloves, rain overshoes and more.
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Motorcycle Leathers
A great range of motorcycle leathers for men and women including leather jackets and trousers by Cafe Racer, Vanucci and Probiker.
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Motorcycle Gloves
A complete range of leather and textile gloves and undergloves to suit every requirement. The range includes touring, racing and commuting gloves. Check out also the Glove Rain Wipers - they are very useful for wiping rain from your visor. They have a wiper blade that fits over your finger.
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Motorcycle Boots
A great range of Motorcycle touring boots that will protect your ankles and ligaments in the case of an unexpected tarmac slide, but also look stylish. Prices start at £34.99.
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Base Layers
Base layers to keep out the cold and keep moisture away from your skin including CoolMax underwear, Microfleece underwear, Rukka One-Piece Underwear, Blalaclava, neckwarmer and a Neoprene mask.
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