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Motorcycle helmets by MTR, Shoei, Probiker, Highway, Caberg and Streetfighter, with UK delivery.

Motorcycle Helmets and Safety
A motorcycle helmet is the best defence against a head injury when riding a motorbike, and it is also a legal requirement.
Bikers receive eleven times more injuries on the roads than car drivers, so it is essential to use well designed safety equipment such as safer helmets.
A project has recently been completed with the collaboration of several countries (including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Switzerland) to create a new international standard for motorcycle helmets. New safety tests have been devised for helmets, and a new helmet has been developed that can absorb double the energy of the current helmets.
What sort of a helmet should I buy?
Always buy a new helmet. Helmets work by crushing to absorb impact and therefore can only work once and must be replaced after an accident.
Modern, full-face helmets offer the most protection. However, they also steam up the most easily so choose one with adequate ventilation. Helmets consist of an outershell (usually made from ABS or Composite Fibre), and an inner liner (the most important part) that absorbs the energy, made from expanded polystyrene.
The outershell protects the inner shell from abrasion and sharps, absorbs some impact, and makes the helmet look attractive. The inner liner absorbs energy as it is crushed.
How can I tell if its a good fit?
The fit is crucial to the safety of the helmet. All helmets sold in the UK will protect you as they have to pass stringent safety standards, but a cheap well fitting one is safer than a more expensive one that is too loose.
You should ensure a close comfortable fit, without any pressure points. When you shake your head, the helmet should not move, and make sure your vision is not obscured in anyway. If you order a helmet online and are not satisfied with the fit, return it to the vendor for a refund or exchange.
All motorcycle helmets featured adjacent are from GetGeared, a UK based company, and have an ECE-rating (equivalent to British kite mark British Standard BS 6658:1985) which means you can rest assured they have all passed the proper impact assessments. All of them meet the ECE 22.05 European safety standard which has just about surpassed the British kitemark in general usage. If the helmet has the ACU Gold mark, it means that it has been passed for racing.
Further information: See the Department of Transport for useful safety information on helmets, visors and goggles.

MTR S-6 Motorcycle Helmets - £49.99
Great value motorcycle helmet for both tourer and commuters. This motorcycle helmet comes in a range of amazing graphic colour combinations as well as solid colours and is made to a high quality.
Streetfighter Attack Fibreglass Helmet -£129.99
streetfighter attack motorcycle helmet
Has a fibreglass shell and a full air vent system, complete with an anti-fog and scratch resistant visor. Has breath deflector. ECE 22-05 safety standard. Tint and mirror options.
Shoei Motorcycle Helmets
Shoei motorcycle helmets provide the ultimate in style, quality, aerodynamics and safety for the discerning motorcyclist.
Full Face Helmets
An extensive range of full face helmets including the Probiker x4 Integral, Probiker x7 Sport, MTR 1100, the Probiker Fibre Wing Intergral, the Held 7810 Takato Enduro Helmet and the superb Shark RSF2I Smoke Fibreglass Motorcycle Helmet.
Flip Up Helmets
Flip up helmets to suit all tastes and budgets, including the MTR k-10, Probiker KX3, Streetfighter SFK06, the Caberg Rhyno Flip and the SHOEI Multitec.