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Organic farming - information and a UK buyer's guide

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Organic farming - a guide

Many people like to buy organic food, believing food farmed organically to be safer and free from artificially created chemicals. In this article, I will give some more detailed information on organic farming and what it actually means for the consumer.

What does "Organic" mean?

Food labelled as "organic" must be produced in the way determined by the EU laws on organic production.

Any farmers purporting to supply organic food must register and be approved by the relevant organic certifying bodies which are themselves approved by DEFRA in the UK and comparable bodies to DEFRA in the rest of the EU. (DEFRA stands for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

Inspectors from the organic certifying bodies visit farms to verify that no pesticides or herbicides not approved for use in organic production have been used. In addition, the land must have been free from these products for a minimum of two years prior to the organic planting. Labels on organic food must give details of the organic certifying body that the farmer is registered with.

Is organic food better for you?

The latest scientific view is that organically produced food is neither safer nor with more nutritional benefits than conventional food. However, new research is being carried out all the time so this view could change in the future. Certainly, it would be prudent for conventional farmers to minimise where possible chemical residues left on food.

Are there environmental benefits to organic farming?

Organic farming is generally less energy intensive than traditional farming. It also produces less waste - this is because, as fewer products are used in organic farming, there is less packaging to be discarded.

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