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Patio Heaters - Buyers Guide and Safety

Patio Heaters
- An extensive range of patio heaters including pyramid and free standing patio heaters, fire baskets, fire pits and a stainless steel fire globe - great for making the most of the garden on chilly days in Autumn and Winter. Also table top patio heaters and patio heater covers.

Patio Heater Buyers Guide

Patio heaters let you make the most of spring and summer evenings in your garden, and have become increasingly popular in the last two to three years causing prices to drop to realistic levels.

This is a guide to gas powered free standing and table top patio heaters, but there are other ways to heat your patio including chimineas, barbecues and electric heaters. Note that because these heaters are gas powered, they can only be used outdoors or in extremely well ventilated areas.

Patio heaters warm you up with their radiant energy. This means that you have to be within a few feet of the heater in order to feel the heat from it. The more powerful heaters will produce more heat (the power is measured in kW) but the most effective heating is produced by a powerful heater in conjunction with efficiency of the reflector at the top of the patio heater - the reflector reflects the heat back down on to you and prevents it convecting up and away, and the design of the emitters.

Should I choose a free standing or a table top version?

Free standing patio heaters generally have a power output of between 6 to 13 kw, and many have adjustable heat settings. Table top versions are less poweful, usually in the region of 3-6 kW. However, table top models are lighter and easier to store and position - free standing models can be heavy, although some have wheels to help manouvre them.


Look for models that:

  • Have an anti tilt shut off device. This means that the gas flow is stopped if the heater gets tipped up.
  • Have a solid, firm base that provides stability.
  • Have the reflector and emitter a long way (over 6') from the ground so you can't accidentally touch then and get burnt.
  • Place the heater away from anything that might burn, such as gazebos, trees and trellises.
  • Store in a sheltered place when not in use, to prevent damage in high winds.
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