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Party supplies and games including tableware, invitations and themed accessories for adults and children.

Party Delights
- Party supplies for adult and children's parties. Birthday themes include The Incredibles, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, Christening, Jungle, First Birthday, Spiderman, Barbie and many more. Also party tableware, invitations, party bags, helium, balloons and party games.

Party Games

party gamesFun party game ideas for adults and children

Of course, everyone is familiar with the traditional children's games played at parties - pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and blind man's buff. In this article I hope to give you some new ideas for games that both children and adults can play.

Games to play at a children's party

  • M & M Sucker
    Each child is given a bun case containing a number of M&Ms - say 15 - and a straw to suck them out. The first child to suck out all the M&Ms with the straw is the winner. The prize could be a tube of M&Ms. Obviously, the children will eat all the M&Ms in their bun case so everyone's a winner!

  • Find the town
    Get a huge map and pin it to a board (you could use an old car route planner and sellotape adjoining pages together). Award a prize for the first child to find a town or landmark that you specify.

  • String Maze
    For each child, attach a prize to one end of a piece of string and an empty toilet roll, or something similar, to the opposite end. Before the game starts, you will need to wind the string around objects in the room (or plants in the garden, if you don't mind them being a bit trampled). The object of the game is for the child to unwrap the string and claim the prize at the end of it. Every child gets a prize in this game.

  • party games for childrenMine's biggest!
    This game is very easy to play. Each child is given a standard balloon. The object of the game is for the child to blow up the balloon so that their's is the biggest. But if the balloon is accidentally blown too big and bursts - the child is out. I would recommend a very accurate tape measure for this particular game to avoid arguments arising.

Games to play at an adult's party

  • Who am I?
    The person who is it picks a character from history and gives either both initials or the initial of the surname, depending upon how quick off the mark the party guests are. Each participant in the game asks a question about the character which can be answered only with a "yes" or "no" answer, eg Are you a womain? Are you dead? The person who correctly guesses the identity of the person wins the prize.

  • party games for children and adultsThe raw egg
    You will need a number of eggs to play this game. Each game participant takes an egg from a bowl on the table. You inform the game participants that one of the eggs is raw and all the others have been hard-boiled. Each participant takes it in turn to break an egg against their foreheads. In reality, you have hard boiled all the eggs, so the prize goes to the final participant who truly believes that they are smashing a raw egg against their forehead. The prize is for bravery.

  • Mr & Mrs
    This game only works if you have just couples at your party. You prepare a list of questions for either the wives or the husbands (or both), then get either the wives or the husbands to answer the questions whilst their other halves are out of the room. The couples that answer the most questions the same as each other are the winners. You can ask as many questions as you want, but I find it best to not ask more than about ten. Dependent upon how well you know your guests, you can make the questions a little cheeky (I will leave that to your imagination!) or if you want to play it safe, ask things like "What is your spouse's favourite breakfast?" and "What is your spouse's favourite holiday destination?"

  • Sad-doh
    All the guests sit in a circle. The first says "Ha!". The second says "Ha ha!". The third says "Ha ha ha!" and so on, continuing in a clockwise direction around the circle. A guest is out if he or she starts to laugh, or doesn't correctly say the correct number of Ha's. This game sounds a little tame, but believe me, it works really well after a few drinks!
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