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Pet Supplies @ Pet Supermarket
- Low prices on a huge range of products for your pet including food by Iams, Eukanuba , Hills, Whiskas and more, together with collars, leads, cat flaps and dewormers. Everything for cats, dogs, birds, fish and rodents with over 3000 products in total.

Choosing a Pet

Pets can add so much to our lives, becoming extra members of the family. However, owning a pet is a responsibility and it is wise to ask yourself the following questions before committing to getting an animal, which ideally should stay with you for life.

A complete range of pet supplies for your cat, dog, hamster, gerbil, rabbit and fish. The site sells a range of pet products including pet food, dog harness and leads, cat litter trays, collars and bowls, and the Rotastak range of activity centres for small animals. Also pet medicines including Drontal, Frontline and Panacur.
Pets at Home
- Massive range of pet supplies including cat and dog food (Iams, Hills, Whiskas etc), medicines (Frontline, Drontal, Panacur), hutches, cages, bedding, toys and chews. Over 2,000 products in total.

  • How much will the pet cost, and how much are the ongoing costs of ownership?
    Non-pedigree animals can often be obtained free of charge from animal shelters, friends, neighbours and newspaper advertisements. Initial and ongoing costs include (for cats and dogs): vaccinations, neutering, pet food, flea remedies, kennels (when going on holiday), bedding, possibly pet insurance or unforeseen vets bills, cat flaps and (possibly) dog doors. For cats you may also need to buy cat litter (especially if the cat is to be housebound, or you have a young kitten who you have not yet let out); for dogs you will need a collar and a lead. You may also wish to consider having your cat or dog microchipped, so it can be identified and you can be informed should it go astray or get run over.
  • How much time will I need to spend caring for my pet?
    Dogs can be quite high maintenance. They need walking everyday, grooming and bathing. A responsible dog owner will also need a pocket full of polythene bags for picking up doggy doos when walking down roads and in parks. You will also need to vacuum your house and car more often to get rid of hair and dirt that the dog will spread. Cats take less maintenance, unless you have a long haired cat such as a Persian, which will require daily grooming as otherwise their fur becomes tangled and knotted. Small animals including rodents (mice, gerbils, rats and hamsters) will need their cages cleaning out regularly.

lucy This is Lucy, my cat. She is nearly five years old now. We got her from a neighbour who knew of some farm kittens that needed a home. Lucy is the most intelligent and affectionate cat in the world, but of course, I am biased.

She sleeps on our bed at night (so no additional bedding costs) and spends a lot of time playing with my two sons. In fact, I think she believes that she is my third child - the furry daughter I never had.


OK, enough about cats, I want a dog. How do I decide which breed to get?

Choosing the correct breed of dog is important, as dogs have vastly differing temperaments. You will need to do some research on the breed that you are thinking of getting. The sorts of questions you may wish to consider asking include:

  • Is the breed good with children?
  • Is it easy to train?
  • Is it boisterous or quiet?
  • Will it require a lot of grooming?
  • Will it be friendly?
  • Will it get along with my existing dog / cat?


- A range of pet supplies and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals including dry and canned food, pet carriers, toys, cages and other accessories. UK delivery is free when you spend over £29.
Puchi Petwear
- Designer petwear including dog clothing, collar and lead sets, harnesses, ID tags and charms, cat collars, pet carriers and more.

Pet Meds
- All the medicines you need for your cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, farm animals etc including Drontal, Frontline Spot On, Xenex Ultra Spot On and more.
You get automatic free delivery on all orders over £29.
The Pet Extraodinarium
- A designer boutique for cats, dogs and rabbits which sells luxury pet products and designer pet accessories such as cat and dog collars, luxury beds, id tags, dog jumpers and T-shirts.
Snow Paw Store
- Outdoor activity equipment for backpacking dogs, including sled dog equipment and, cani-cross equipment. Also an extensive selection of harnesses, together with Iditarod paraphanalia and dog scooters. The dog scooter starter kit includes scooter, harness, single dog gang line and a shock absorber.
- A super range of items for cats and dogs including beds, collars, id tags, toys, treats and bowls. Includes many difficult to find items such as a fish shaped cosy cat bed, and a cat ball that dispenses treats.
Dog Beds
- A range of luxury beds for dogs and cats, plus collars, leads, toys and food bowls for dogs.
Animal Fanatics
- Animal themed gifts including t-shirts, mugs, cards and stationery, calendars, jigsaws and more. Most domestic animals are featured including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, birds and farm animals. Postage is a fixed £1.95 per order.
- A distinctive range of dog kennels, cat houses, rabbit hutches, dovecotes, bird tables, nest boxes, planters and obelisks of the highest quality, which are available exclusively at Gardenpine.
Barker and Ball
- Luxury products for man's best friend including beds, carriers, collars and leads, food bowls, plastic pick up bag dispensers and grooming items.

- A family run business based in Derbyshire who manufacturer and supply of the World Famous top of the range quality Pupps ProFleece® Bedding. Also travel cages, grooming tables, puppy play pens and Profleece® Shampoos and Conditioners.

Petlife Online
-A range of products for dogs, cats, small animals and racing pigeons. Items sold include bedding, hygiene and health care products.

Ryedale Pet Homes & Furniture
- Specialist builders of rabbit hutches, dog kennels and rabbit runs from wood. They can be custom made on request. Garden furniture is also available.