Planning a Children's Party

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The easiest way to plan a children's party, for either boys or girls, is to come up with a theme. Once the theme is sorted out and agreed, everything else follows on in a logical manner. Typical themes that are suitable for boys include Thomas the Tank, Pirate, Dinosaur, racing cars and Spiderman. Themes suitable for girls are usually easier to think of (and to find) and include princess, Barbie, ladybirds, butterflies, fairies and My Little Pony. If you would like a party that will appeal to both boys and girls, neutral themes include animals (cats, dogs etc); Shrek, ghouls and ghosts and The Simpsons.

Below, I will take one theme and expand on how to plan the party. Every party will follow the same formula, so it will be easier for you to create your own in the future. Due to the predominance of parties for little girls on the internet, I have detailed instead a boy's themed party.

Planning a boy's party

children's party spiderman themeeg Spiderman

Let Spiderman fly his way into your little boy's party. Spiderman is a firm favourite with boys, especially the 5-7 year old age group. Spiderman themed items are also widely available if time is short or are easy to make yourself if you like to do that sort of thing.

  • Tableware and Decorations
    Spiderman themed tableware can be purchased easily from online party retailers (see parties). However, spiderman's colours are red, black and blue. You can make a tablecloth from black crepe paper strewn with blue and red streamers. You can buy red or blue paper plates, red or blue cutlery and red or blue serviettes to keep the theme going. You could decorate the table with red, black and blue balloons filled with helium, attached to a weight in the centre of the table.

    In addition, if it is possible to do so, get some posters of Spiderman and decorate your room with the posters. You could also have table lamps around the room fitted with blue and red light bulbs to add to the theme.

  • Birthday Cake
    You could decorate a birthday cake with red, blue and black icing, buy a ready made one from a shop or if you are clever, create your own cake in the shape of Spiderman's head, iced accordingly. You could buy a plastic spiderman figure for the centre of the cake if required.

  • Fancy Dress
    The party could have a fancy dress theme, or you could make up the faces of the little boys into Spiderman - basically just draw a black grid over the face and fill in the gaps with red. I did this at my son's party and it was very popular with the children, although less popular with the mums as the face paint does tend to come off onto everything else.

Party Games

Here you can really let your imagination run riot. You could:

  • Run a competition to create a spider, using pom-poms, stones, pipe cleaners, glue, paint and other craft items.
  • Tie some sweets or novelties to the ends of red, blue or black coloured wool that you have entwined into a spider's web and let the children unravel them at random to win a prize. Novelties could include spiderman keyrings, notebooks and similar items.
  • Other games to play could include "pass the parcel". In between the wrappers you could have a mixture of red, blue and black sweets and plastic spiders. The main prize could perhaps be a spiderman colouring book and a set of felt tip pens.
  • Another game could be "pin the head on the Spiderman". You would need a spiderman poster, from which you would need to photocopy the area containing Spiderman's head several times. Cut the heads out, blindfold the children and get them to pin (or blu tack) the heads on the poster where they think they should go.

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas. If you have your own ideas for parties, please share them with me (using contact details at the foot of this page), and if suitable I will publish them for other readers.