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Plasma TV buying guide featuring Plasma TV's from UK sites at discount / cheap prices.

Plasma TV @ Comet
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Plasma TV Buying Guide and FAQ

Why a Plasma TV?

  • Plasma TV's have a higher resolution than conventional televisions, and can be used as computer screens as well as displaying tv pictures.
  • Plasma TV's can display more colours that standard tv's, providing an enhanced and more realistic picture.
  • Pictures can be displayed in different aspect ratios, eg 16:9 (which is better suited to DVD films) and 4:3 (for a normal television picture). Special algorithms are incorporated to convert a 4:3 image to full screen which prevent the image appearing too stretched, or you can watch an unadulterated 4:3 image with bars down the side of the screen - the choice is yours.
  • The screen is completely flat, so there is no distortion due to curvature.
  • The screen is uniformly bright.
  • The screen is slim, being under 4" on a 42" screen, providing previously unheard of installation options such as mounting on a wall.
  • They offer a wider viewing angle.
  • They can often display any video output from the different standards around the world including PAL, SECAM and NTSC.
  • The picture is not distorted by magnetic fields such as those created by speakers. magnetic fields.

What screen size should I choose?
The most usual screen sizes are 37", 42" and 50". Smaller rooms are better suited to a smaller screen size and larger rooms a larger screen size. As a rough guide, with a 42" screen is best viewed from a distance of 12'-14'.

What Audio Options should I get?
The majority of manufacturers do not incorporate speakers into the side of the frame. The tv may come with its own separate speakers or you can plug the sound directly into your own home cinema / surround sound set up. The best sound performance will be obtained from a separate Dolby Digital 5.1 home cinema system, which will provide 5 channels of surround sound plus a sixth channel for bass.

How should I display my television?
The most common options are: on a purpose made glass display stand, from the ceiling using a ceiling mount or on the wall using either a flat wall bracket, or a cantilever wall bracket if you would like to be able to alter the viewing angle from time to time.

Myth Buster
There are two myths surrounding these televisions which will be busted here and now:

  • Plasma displays don't last as long as CRT displays. Not true - the modern displays will have a similar life span to a cathode ray tube.
  • The gas needs to be topped up every few years. Not true - it doesn't escape.

What is High Definition or HDTV?
Read the ShoppingTrolley High Definition HDTV guide.

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