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Posters, oil paintings, watercolours and other artworks

Push Posters
- A large range of music themed posters.

Artwork Explained

You can save a lot of money buying artwork, including for example original oil paintings, by buying directly from the artist online.

However, there are many different types of artwork available. In this ShoppingTrolley guide, I will give you information on these different types of art, so you can be sure that you know what your are buying and can get the best buy for your needs.

One Poster
- 10,000 artprints ranging from pop, rock and movie titles through to humour, wildlife and landscapes.
- Larget online art shop with over 50,000 art prints in styles including Impressionist, Abstract, Landscape, Modern, Kids and more, which can also be custom framed for you.
Artery Art Gallery
- A Scottish art gallery selling a range of artwork including Ceramics, Paintings, Glass, Handmade Clocks and Mirrors, Jewellery, Photography, Sculptures and more. You can also commission artwork.
Art Print Design
- A range of limited and open edition prints, together with original paintings and sculptures from a wide range of artists. Get a huge discount of 17.5% when you subscribe to their mailing list.

mona lisa by leonardo da vinciOriginal Paintings

Original paintings are usually painted in either oil, watercolour or acylic. In order for a painting to be classed as "original", it must be hand painted and bear the artist's signature. However, it is not necessarily one of a kind, in that an artist may produce several similar paintings at once, as though on a production line. Each painting will be slightly different though, due to brush stroke variations etc, so in a sense it will be unique.


Posters are paper copies of photographs and paintings. They are generally cheap to buy, but original posters printed to advertise movies in cinemas are becoming increasingly collectable.

Lithograph on Canvas

In lithography, an original painting is copied onto a textured canvas to give it the appearance of being original. These lithographs can be enhanced by the original artist to improve the colour and texture. These artist enhanced lithographs are even more like original paintings.

digital art from canvas picturesDigital Art

Digital art is created on a computer by a digital artist using software such as Adobe Photoshop. It can incorporate photos and other images. The art is usually printed using high quality ink on art paper or canvas. These prints are often called Giclee prints. Giclee prints incorporate colours that are brighter, longer lasting and with such high definition that the print appears continuous rather than made up from dots. The print may be signed by the artist. Some of the work is stunning.

Artists themselves call each printed work an original - but you have to consider that they can print out as many "originals" as they want.



Mixed Media

This includes artwork such as collages, which incorporates material, paper, glitter, wire and other items.

Limited Edition Print

Limited edition prints are a limited number of copies of an original artwork, signed by the original artist. In general, the smaller the number of prints made, the greater the value of each print.


R Young Art
- Buy artwork directly from the artist, Richard Young. Choose from sensual nudes and portraiture in oil or pastel.
World Gallery
- 1000's of prints by most of the world's greatest artists. Optional framing. Free UK delivery.
Firestarter Pyrography
- Unique art designs burnt onto wood and leather.
ICHOR Gallery
- Prints for sale by husband and wife team Anthony and Fanny Christian, including portraits, landscapes, still lifes, nudes, flowers and more.
- Specialise in originals and limited editions by world acclaimed artists.
On Canvas
- Any photo hand painted onto canvas. Commission a personalised canvas from as little as £50.
- Artworks including original paintings, together hand made wire wrapped jewellery.
- Creates a link between the collector and artist by providing instant access to a selection of 226 artists and over 2200 artworks.
Online Art Company
- Artists from all over the UK sell their work on this site, from £30 to £2500. Browse the entire gallery in price order or by artist.
Contemporary Art 4 all
- Artworks by Ros C including paintings, pencil portraits, pictures, prints, cards and notelets.
Gifted in Design
- A range of individually hand made gifts by British artists including wall hangings, glassware, photo frames, clocks, cufflinks and wire knits.
Canvas Picture
- High quality Giclee Prints. Giclee Prints are printed digitally to a very high resolution, making the picture look continuous under close inspection, rather than a series of dots. This technique brings the print to life.
Sunset Paintings
- Paintings at reasonable prices by published artist Wendy Puerto. You can choose from sunsets, seascapes, contemporary and still life originals, or buy prints and cards. In addition, you can commission Wendy for paintings of any size.
Andrea Farmer
- Contemporary original artwork by Andrea Farmer including abstract, landscapes and nudes.
Pearl Art and Design
- Artworks including original paintings, prints and wall hangings together with crafts and ceramics.
Christine Cook
- A range of reasonably priced, original, contemporary seascapes and abstract works in acrylic and mixed media, together with limited edition prints and greetings cards. Commissions are also available in a variety of styles and sizes.

- Original oil paintings and signed limited edition prints by British artists, available to purchase directly online.

Dave Prince Photography
- Contemporary photographic art including landscapes, flowers, abstracts and the female form.
Elliotts Web (UK)
- Original artwork, prints and photos available directly from the artist, Laura Elliot, whose work has been featured in galleries internationally.
Nostalgic Art
- Buy prints and cards featuring paintings of trains and railway stations, by Debra Wagner.
Your Portraits Online
- Commission a portrait of yourself or a pet directly from the artist.
- By contemporary artwork online directly from the artist, Stella Dunkley. Her range includes original paintings and prints. She is also available for commissions.
Affordable British Art
- Buy art directly from a number of British artists. There are a range of styles to choose from including sunsets, drawings, landscapes, abstracts, portraits and more.