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Powerball gyroscopes for fun and fitness.

The Powerball is the latest fitness gadget from Japan. The Powerball is a fun and addictive way to build strength in your arms, shoulders and wrist. When you set the power ball in motion, it comes alive and spins ever faster reaching almost 15,000 rpm. You have to try and use your arm to calm it down, which has a big effect on your muscles. The Powerball has been endorsed by many professional golfers, including Karl Woodward, who claims that regular use of the Powerball has added distance and stability to his drive.

The world record for the Powerball is held by Akis Kritsinelis, with an amazing 15575 rpm.

The Powerball gyro exerciser is also Chiropractor recommended for the prevention of and recovery from repetitive strain injuries. This product is great for strength and fitness, including targetted improvement of the strength in your wrist, such as required for sports such as gold and tennis. It is also useful for recovering strength after injury. It is particularly useful as a treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis and other ailments of the wrist. It should be used for at least 6 minutes per day.

Blue Powerball - £19.95 (Paramount Zone)
- When the gyro is activated, motion is created which lights up the LED lights located inside the gyroscope. The faster it goes, the brighter the lights shine until your entire hand is engulfed in a blue glow. When you approach the maximum RPM, it develops up to 35 lbs. of gyroscopic force.

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