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Prada - The History of this company


The Prada Company

Prada is an Italian company that was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. At this stage it was just a leather goods business, and it was not until Mario's granddaughter Miuccia Prada inherited the business that she began the expansion into high fashion chic. Prada also own the "Miu Miu" brand, the name taken from Miuccia.
Miuccia designed handbags herself. Her black handbags made from parachute material in 1985 became very popular. They were highly priced and thus an exclusive haute couture item.
Miu Miu became a brand in 1992. Its prices were not as high as Prada and designs were marketed for a younger audience.
Prada won a Council of Fashion Designers of America Award in 1993.
Prada increased its debt to buy out with LMVH (the Louis Vuitton company) the struggling Fendi company. However, they were unable to turn Fendi's fortunes round and ended up selling their shares in this company to LMVH at a loss. does not have much info at the time of writing.

Prada Bags

prada bagPrada bags have classical appeal. They are instantly recogniseable and offer designer chic in an understated form. This means that they have timeless appeal which means that you can make the most of a relatively expensive purchase.

Should I buy Prada at Online Auction?

Possibly. Many of the Prada items available on online auctions are likely to be counterfeit/fake/replica. If you are happy to buy a replica then go for it, but do not bid for what you believe to be authentic, only to be disappointed when a knock off item arrives at your door.
Unless there is clear and undeniable evidence that the item is genuine, keep clear. Bear in mind that there are thousands of manufacturers in Asia who manufacturer replicas which end up in the US and Europe.
Check out Alibaba if you are in doubt about this.