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What is Trivia?

The word "trivia" is defined as facts of little importance. However, pub quiz enthusiasts will beg to differ from that definition, as anyone who participates in pub quizzes on a regular basis will find that being able to answer trivia questions is of the utmost importance.

Participating in pub quizzes can be a good way of learning trivia. Indeed, it has been proven that participating in quizzes is a good way of learning. Many school teachers use quizzes as a way of getting children to learn facts on the National Curriculum in a fun way, as it's easier to learn when you're having a good time.

Why do we have pub quizzes?

They have been traditionally used by astute landlords to fill pubs on nights other than Friday and Saturday - when potential customers often stay at home. Along with the karaoke night and the bingo night, pub quizzes provide a form of live entertainment at a cheap price, and help to boost the landlord's takings for the evening.

Are quizzes a good idea for other occasions also?

Yes. A quiz is a good ice breaker at social events where there are lots of people who don't yet know each other, and may be more suited to certain groups of people than dark and noisy discos.

They are also useful in a workplace setting and can help with team building and team building events.

Quizzes are also often featured in other social club settings, such as Health Clubs and Working Men's Clubs. You can even host them in your own home amongst friends, as an altenative to a cocktail evening where half the guests can't drink anyway because they are driving home.

What would be the ultimate quiz night?

I think that the ultimate quiz night would be to take the cornucopia of knowledge attained from the thousands of pub quiz nights attended over the years, and go on the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" television programme and win the grand prize of £1,000,000. Of course, once you have a good knowledge of trivia, you can aim lower with a whole host of quiz shows on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the satellite networks. These shows are always on the look out for new contestants, and real addicts appear on lots of different shows.

What is the only four letter word allowed in Scrabble that uses both the "Q" and the "Z"?

I'll let you get that one...

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