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crazy frog ringtoneRingtones - A UK Buyer's Guide

There can be no escaping the current range of advertisements on tv, radio, in magazines and online for ringtones, operator logos, screensavers and anything else that can be downloaded to a mobile phone. There must be very few people around who haven't come across the "Crazy Frog" that ringtone recently made it to number one in the UK charts.

However, UK consumers have run into problems with advertisements for ringtones that ask consumers to text or call to receive ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers, logos, screensavers and other similar products. It is not always clear when you text a number to receive a ringtone that you are actually joining a subscription service as opposed to just buying a one off ringtone, so make sure you read any small print carefully. Children may not be aware:

  • That they have a subscription
  • Of how to cancel the subscription
  • That not using your phone doesn't make the charging stop. Charges are debited to the mobile phone account until the subscription is cancelled, so any money credited to the account will disappear to pay these charges.

You should also not allow your children to subscribe to these services. Many children have subscribed to services such as these without realising the commitment they have made and have been frightened by charges appearing on their mobile phone bills at the end of the month. Advertisers should make it clear that children need the consent of their parents in order to subscribe. It should be noted that advertisers who target children for mobile phone subscription services are breaking the rules of ICSTIS. ICSTIS is the independent body that regulates the use of all premium rate telephone services, whether mobile or landline.