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Photos of my own genuine Rock and Republic Jeans

Rock and Republic Jeans -Photos

Since I wrote my the first article I have been blessed with not one but two pairs of Rock and Republic Crown jeans, which I bought off eBay. Both pairs are genuine. I am including pictures and descriptions below for your information.

Pair 1: A pair of London cut blue crystal crowns. The London cut is a very low rise jean. A few things worth pointing out include:

  • The perfect alignment of the blue crystals on the pocket. Note also the size and position of the crown relative to the size of the pocket.
  • The size tag is the same as that pictured in the first article with the silver thread running through it.
  • All the studs have Rock and Republic stamped on the jeans side. The design on the main stud / button is pictured below. The insides of all the studs have the RR logo.
  • Note the whiskering at the top of the jeans. Fakes will often not have such a good effect.

blue crystal crown label 2 label 3 front of stud
label 1 reverse of stud

Pair 2: A pair of white cropped Monte Carlo capri pants. Note that the size tag does not have silver thread running through it, but there is metallic thread running through the authenticity tag. Again, look how rich the embroidery on the crown appears. Note that whilst the front of the main stud / button is the same as for the London cut jeans above, the reverse of all the studs is marked not with the RR logo, but with concentric circles.

red crown label 1 label 3
label 2 label 4

A word about sizing

My experience from the two pairs of crown jeans that I have bought is that they are generously sized. Therefore, I would advise you to buy one size lower than you currently take - so if you normally wear a size 28, it might be worth trying a 27 to see if that size offers you a better fit. The size 28 capri pants that I bought are slightly large, but still wearable. However, my size 27 London cut crystals are perfect, especially since my friend took them up from a 36" inside leg to a 30" leg for me. I am somewhat vertically challenged!