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Scalextric Classic, Sport, Ninco, SCX and Carrera - a guide

Scalextric was launched in the 1950's and was the original racing car system. Now there are many brands on the market, and top brands include Scalextric, Scalextric Sport, Ninco and Carrera which all operate on a scale of 1:32. The tracks from these brands are not interchangeable (but see below) - different fittings connect pieces of the track together. However, most makes of cars will operate on any track system. It is worth noting that although Ninco track is slightly wider than Scalextric Classic, Ninco produce an adaptor so that the two can be connected together.

There are lots of different types ofcars, depending how you want to race. The basic cars are 2 wheel drive and can be Formula 1 style touring cars or saloon cars. The next type of car is 4 wheel drive in a similar range of styles. All of these types of car require considerable skill to drive round corners because, just like the real things, the back of the car will slide out if going too fast. There is a further type of car that incorporates magnets in the base of the car that help hold the car onto the track. These cars are much easier to drive, less liable to come off the track and enable you to go much faster. These are also available in both 2 and 4 wheel drive.

The basic track sets themselves come in a range of standard boxed sets from a small figure of 8 to much larger sets making many different layouts possible. All of the different pieces of track can also be purchased separately, allowing you to expand your track options and layouts indefinitely. Often it is possible to purchase additional pieces of track quite cheaply at car boot sales, eBay, etc.

What's the difference between Scalextric Classic and Scalextric sport?

  • Sport is the new track produced from 2002 onwards. It is basically an upgraded version of the old track - it fits together more easily and there is an increased range of pieces. Classic and Sports track can be fitted together via a convertor piece.
  • Classic is the original track system which was discontinued at the end of 2001. However, SCX produce a range of compatible classic track pieces that can be used without the need for adaptors.

Mains Electricity

All the above makes use mains electricity to power transformers, which transform the UK 240 volts to yield a low voltage in the range of 3-12 volts DC.


Once you are well established with your hobby, there are all sorts of things that you can upgrade. You can upgrade the original power supply to make your cars to go faster. You can also buy upgraded hand controllers and stronger magnets for the cars to enable your speed to really take off!

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