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Stop smoking and Quit cigarettes for good with this Self Hypnosis Audio CD.

Stop Smoking and Quit Those Cigarettes!

Most smokers have tried to quite smokeing more than once. You already know the benefits of quitting - being healthier, living longer, becoming more attractive to the opposite sex and saving all that money on buying cigarettes.

However, quitting can be difficult. A tobacco addiction is like a heroine addiction. If you get stressed in your home or working life all you want to do is have a cigarette to calm yourself down. If you go out with friends and they all light up in front of you you smell the smoke and it becomes and obsession. You're used to having a cigarette with a drink in the evening, or with your coffee in the morning, and sometimes giving up just seems too difficult.

Cigarettes make you age prematurely, both deep down physically and cosmetically (wrinkles around the mouth and nicotine stained teeth). You most likely have a "smoker's cough" and feel guilty with every puff you take. Maybe you even feel like a failure because you have been unable to quit.

How It Works:

There are many factors involved in giving up smoking. Smokers feel like they are giving up a friend, and the subconscious mind makes many positive associations between smoking and other pleasureable activities, such as relaxing in the evening, going out or having a coffee break at work. You almost feel as though you will be giving up everything that brings you pleasure.

This CD trains your subconscious that you can still do everything that you enjoy such as going out or spending time with your friends, without needing a cigarette, and get pleasure by doing other things.

This CD works because it trains your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind is convinced, you start to generate positive thoughts inside your head about giving up, instead of negative ones. This cd talks directly to your subconscious, retraining your brain to help you become a quitter.

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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are legal to use in public places, and many smokers consider them to be a great alternative to smoking cigarettes.