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Guide to buying Ski Wear including Ski jackets, Goggles, Salopettes, Gloves and Base Layers

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Skiwear Buying Guide

It is important to choose quality skiwear if you intend to go skiing, as you will need to be protected from the cold. When choosing ski wear, you should look for the following features:

  • Go for fabrics that are waterproof but offer ventilation - well designed ski jackets, salopettes and ski suits retain bodyheat and defend you from the elements, whilst allowing water vapour to escape. If wind or water are allowed to penetrate you will get cold, but without ventilation, your perspiration cannot evaporate.
  • Lots of pockets - you will need places to store your ski-pass (some jackets and suits have special attachments for ski passes), your money and your apartment keys.
  • Layer your clothing for optimal warmth and dryness. Layering systems incorporate three layers which include the base layer, middle layer and outer layer.
  • The base layer should keep you dry - avoid cotton because cotton retains perspiration, choosing instead fabrics such as silk or synthetic, purpose designed polyester fabrics eg CoolMax, which disperse moisture to the outer surface. The base layer may consist of thermal underwear.
  • The middle layer is the insulating layer which will help retain heat. Polyester fleeces are ideal for this, well known brands include Thinsulate and Polartec. Fleece is good because it is lightweight and breathable, yet retains heat well for its weight. It also dries out quickly.
  • The outer layer should protect you from snow, rain and the wind. It should retain your body heat whilst allowing perspiration to evaporate. If the outer layer is not properly ventilated, your persiration will condense on the inside of your jacket. The outer layer should also be roomy enough to accommodate the other layers and not restrict your movement.
  • Look out for reinforced knees and elbows, zipper flaps and sealed seams.


Children should wear helmets to give them enhanced protection if should they fall, and it's not a bad idea for adults to wear them too. If helmets are not worn, hats at least should be worn as 33% of a person's body heat escapes through the head.


Specialist gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm and they offer protection in the case of a fall. They should be waterproof, with added grips for holding onto skis or lifts. Frostbite can result if inadequate gloves are worn (eg thin wool gloves that become wet from the snow).

Goggles and Sunglasses

It is essential to have adequate eye protection. This is because the sun is reflected off the bright white snow, making the ultra violet light harmful to your eyes. Goggles are a better choice than sunglasses because they are more securely attached to your head and offer better visibility and eye protection.

Whether you choose goggles or sunglasses, make sure they have full Ultra Violet (UV) protection.

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