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Skin care tips and advice for a healthy complexion

We would all like to have healthy, glowing and young looking skin, but sometimes our skin can look a little tired and dull. In this guide, I will give you some skin care tips on how to keep your skin in tip top condition, both inside and out.


























Skin Type

It is important to identify your skin type so that you can use the products that are most suited to it. Here are descriptions of the most common skin types, so you can see the one that applies to you:

  • Oily - the skin produces excessive oil which gives it a shiny appearance and may lead to an increased likelihood of spots and blackheads. The benefit of oily skin is that as you age, it becomes less oily and may age less quickly.
  • Dry skin often feels tight after you have washed it - it may be better to use a moisture rich cleanser specifically for your skin type to care for it.
  • Combination skin is the most common skin type. In general, the skin on the cheeks can be quite dry, whereas the skin in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) tends to be greasier. Ideally, you should use products appropriate to the particular region of your face.
  • Normal skin - this skin type is neither too dry nor too oily.

Your skin type is not fixed - it changes over your life time, usually becoming drier as you get older. In addition - it can change seasonally - summer and hot weather are more likely to stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce oil, whereas the cold of winter may send them into hibernation.

The Sun

uva from the sunUltra violet light rays from the sun are the biggest cause of premature skin aging - in fact, it has been shown that 90% of all facial lines are caused by the sunlight. Therefore, it makes sense to wear a moisturiser every day that contains a high SPF (sun protection factor) or even a total sun block. When you are on holiday in the sun, it is imperative to protect your face with a total sunblock. Think also about the skin of your children - much future aging of the skin happens to children who play outside frequently and wear inadequate sun protection.

It is the UVA rays that cause aging - the UVB rays cause reddening and burning of the skin. Therefore, in addition to a high SPF, your moisturiser should also state that it contains maximum UVA protection.

drink waterDiet

Improving your diet is like cleansing from the inside out. A healthy diet should include oily fish, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially the brightly coloured ones that contain lots of Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene and the antioxidant Vitamin C. Wholemeal bread, together with nuts and seeds, should also be eaten as they are rich in Vitamin E. Go easy on the nuts though as they are high in fat.

You should also make an effort to drink about eight glasses of water a day. This will also help to keep your skin moisturised and glowing. Drinking water in abundance is an easy and natural way to a daily detox. (Liven it up by drinking sparking water with a slice of lemon and a cocktail umbrella!)

no smoking


Stop Smoking

Smoking ages the skin by depriving it of oxygen and exposing it to free radicals. You are more likely to get lines around the lips and at the corners of the eyes. There is no alternative - just give it up!


Exfoliating removes debris and dead cells that can clog up facial pores, which could otherwise lead to spots and other flaws. Be gentle with your skin though as you want to treat it, not damage it. Also keep away from the delicate eye area. Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin about twice a week.