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The Slightest Touch

The Slightest Touch - A Guide for UK Shoppers

What is the Slightest Touch?

The Slightest Touch is a device that attaches via pads to a woman's ankles. It produces a pulsating electrical current that is said to bring her not to orgasm, but to the "plateau phase", so the "slightest touch" invokes an orgasm (or two or three...) which is stronger than those usually experienced.

Who would benefit from using the Slightest Touch?

A whole range of women may benefit from using this device. At one end of the spectrum, there is the woman who has never had an orgasm, or who orgasms only occasionally and with difficulty, or is suffering from female sexual dysfunction. At the other end are women who regularly experience orgasm, but would like perhaps on occasions to experience stronger orgasms or multiple orgasms.

Does it really work?

There are many women who maintain that it has enriched their sex lives 100%. There has certainly also been a lot of interest from the press and TV in this device, and it has been featured on Channel 4, BBC Radio 1, Radio Five Live, ITV's This Morning, The Daily Mail and The Sun. However, no device such as this can be guaranteed to work for everyone who tries it. Skeptics (male scientists) argue that it is unlikely that electrical current applied to the ankles would stimulate nerves within the pelvic region. Advocates insist, however, that this device produces a tingling in the ankle, which leads to a gentle throbbing in the pelvic region - as though you were being very turned on by someone.

How was it invented?

It was invented by accident. There were four inventors who, for the time being at least, are remaining anonymous. One of the inventors was trying to develop an electrical foot massager. He used his girlfriend to experiment on (lucky girl!). She reported that the device didn't do much to stimulate her feet, but there was unexpected stimulation in certain more sensitive areas.

How is it used?

Twenty minutes before using the device, you are supposed to drink an electrolyte drink that comes with the kit, which enhances the conductivity of the body. You have to wash and dry your ankles, then stick the electrodes on, about 5 cm higher than your ankle bones. Then all you have to do is connect the wires and switch on.

Are there any alternative sources of information on this device?

There is also an independent article on the BBC web site which you can read here.

What alternatives are available?

In terms of the way it works, this device is pretty much unique. There are no other devices of this nature that can help women to orgasm or intensify orgasms. Having said that, there are a huge variety of vibrators on the market today that are a tried and tested way of producing a female orgasm. Particular favourites of ladies who read Cosmopolitan include Paulchen and Pauline, which are "rabbit" style vibrators. These work by both vibration and rotation to provide a more intense degree of stimulation than vibration alone can offer.