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Sponsor A Child - The Benefits

World Vision UK
- A child in the third world dies every 3 seconds. Help make poverty history by sponsoring a child today.

A Guide to Child Sponsorship

What does child sponsorship achieve?

Child sponsorship will provide the basic essentials of life to your sponsored child. He/she will get sufficient food, clean drinking water, the opportunity to go to school and basic healthcare including vaccinations.

Sponsorship money is pooled by the charity concerned to fund projects designed to provide entire villages with schools, clean drinking water, better sanitation, clinics and schools, so the whole village benefits.

The villagers can also be educated in improving their farming methods, giving them a real chance of self sufficiency in the future.

Will I receive details of the child that I am sponsoring?

Typically you will receive yearly reports including a photo, a progress report on your child, plus ongoing reports of improvements in the infrastructure of the village.

How are children for sponsorship chosen?

The charities liase with governments and village leaders in areas of poverty, to discuss how they can be helped. Local charity workers meet the families to explain about how child sponsorship works, then the local communities recommend children who would most benefit from sponsorship.

Can I write to the child I am sponsoring?

Yes, you can send letters, birthday and Christmas cards. If your child can write, you may even receive replies.

I don't want the commitment of sponsorship. Can I make a one off donation?

Yes, most of the charities involved with child sponsorship will happily accept a one off donation. You can also arrange a regular donation or even consider leaving a legacy in your will. Leaving an amount of money in your will can make a huge difference to lives, funding such projects as the ten year improvement programme of a village or providing a clinic or a clean supply of drinking water.