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Spas, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools and Saunas - information and a buyer's guide

Aspect Pools and Spas
Swimming pools and spas (hot tubs). Everything you could need including enslosures and air domes, automatic pool cleaners, chemicals, filters, heaters,underwater lighting, pumps, reels and safety equipment. There is currently up to 30% discount off the RRP of wooden pools.

Spa Pools - Information on the different types

Spa pools can be for either indoor or outdoor use. The indoor and outdoor versions actually have quite different constructions. The outdoor spa pools have a weatherproof design and weatherproof electrics, and normally come with some sort of hardwood or decorative surround that they sit in. Indoor spa pools, on the other hand, are for fitting in a standard bathroom, and hence are set up for doing that with the standard side panels.

There are two main types of spa pools. These are:

  • The type that uses air - ie a Jacuzzi bath. The air is fed in through multiple jets in the bottom of the pool - this can be for example 10, 20, 30 and even up to 40 different little jets that are built into the bottom of the pool, which essentially put lots of small air bubbles into the water.
  • The second type is often referred to as a "Hydrotherapy" or "Whirlpool" type spa bath. These have bigger jets in the side of the bath and are actual jets of water as opposed to air. They may be 5mm or 10mm in diameter, but squirt water quite forceably, usually horizontally, across the bath, so that a person sitting in the bath is stimulated via these jets of water. This itself produces a massaging effect on the body, by positioning oneself against these jets.

The other feature of both of these type of spa baths is that they come in many different forms in terms of the size and the seating within them. The simplest type is essentially a normal bath that has either a jacuzzi or hydrotherapy function, or indeed both. These baths can be sized to accommodate two or more people. The larger ones have seats built into the base of the bath, and the various air or hydrotherapy nozzles are situated in the correct places around the seats.

Swimming Pools

There are two types of swimming pool - permanent and temporary. The permanent swimming pools are expensive and not something that the everyday person would want or be able to afford. However, the temporary pools are readily available in either a semi permanent form, which is a farily rigid construction constructed on top of the ground with a ladder for access, or a less rigid construction with an inflatable top. These pools vary in size from 2m - 5m in diameter and in depth from 0.5m to about 1.2m. You have to bear in mind that a pool measuring 5m x 1.2m deep will hold an awful lot of water and will take a long time to fill.

All of these pools will require some sort of water treatment if they are to be left erected for more than two or three days, to prevent the growth of bugs and slime, either viachemical dosing to kill the bugs, or a filtration system which encourages water circulation and removes debris from it.

Ripple Spas
- Spas, saunas, gazebos and accessories including the Catalina range. There is no online ordering, but a brochure can be requested online.
Pooland Sauna Chemicals
- Chemicals for swimming pools and spas, including Chlorine Granules and Tablets, Bromine tablets, pH testing, algicides and many other water treatments.











Saunas and Steam Rooms

These are now readily available as purpose built units, and can either be purchased as kits or as complete units. They range in size from the size of a domestic shower (eg 0.8m x 0.8m) up to the type of installation you would find in a gym.

B & Q
hydrotherapy, sauna
B & Q have an online range of hydrotherapy baths, saunas and shower / steam cabins.

Both sauna and steam rooms in purpose built units are excellent for use in the home. Being purpose built, they are sealed against leaks and come with a guarantee. Some also have a shower function built in, to save space in the bathroom.