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OCR Level 2 - Teaching Exercise to Music - Anatomy and Physiology - Course Notes


These notes have been constructed following my studying of the OCR Level 2 "Teaching Exercise to Music" qualification at Middlesbrough College - my first step in my target of starring in and producing my own range of Instructor DVD's for Step (aim high!). I see a long but enjoyable road ahead.

As an aid to my own learning on the course and in order to help other students studying similar courses, I have produced a set of notes for each week of the Anatomy and Physiology lessons, together with tips and helpful information for teaching Exercise to Music and lesson planning.

Anatomy and Physiology is a core unit for anyone wanting to become a fitness instructor. Please feel free to print out these notes for your own personal use, but do not republish them on any other website (I will find out, you know). However, you may link to them freely from your own website.

Note that to the best of my knowledge these notes are correct, but they are provided "as is", and I do not take responsibility for any errors or omissions.

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All the included lessons are indexed below.

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Anatomy and Physiology

Teaching Exercise to Music

Past Papers

Lesson 1 - The Skeleton
Bone Types
Bone Growth
Function of the skeleton
The Spinal Column
Body Types

Lesson 2
Part A - Joint Classifications
Part B - Joint Movements
Lesson 3
Muscles - Part 1
Lesson 4
Muscles - Part 2

Further Reading
Skeletal Muscle
How a muscle contracts

If you are studying level 3 anatomy and physiology, you may be interested in the following books, which come with my recommendation:

Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, Elaine Marieb, 8th Edition
Anatomy and Physiology, R. Seeley et al

Unless you are particularly interested, they go beyond the level of knowledge required for level 2 anatomy and physiology.

Lesson 5
Energy Systems

Lesson 6
Cardio-respiratory System

Recommended Reading

Lesson 7
The circulatory system

Lesson 8a
Components of Fitness

Exercise To Music by Debbie Lawrence - £11.19
- This book is excellent for anyone studying either the OCR level 2 or YMCA exercise to music courses. It covers music and choreography, safety, warm up and cool down, muscular strength and endurance, plus how to design cardio vascular and step training programs, together with lesson plans and teaching points.
The Aerobic Instructor's Handbook - £9.74
- This book is the complete aerobic instructors manual, detailing instructor skills, cueing, designing a class, lesson planning, teaching points, communication, step aerobics, muscular strength and endurance and more.

Lesson 8b
Principles of Training

Lesson 9
Diet and Nutrition

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